If you’re a television fan with a list of shows you plan to enjoy this summer, you might need to add a few more to it. Although this is an era where streaming services replaced cable, the benefits of owning satellite TV are more prevalent now.

When satellite TV first became available in the early 1990s, not every household could put their dish on. Luckily, getting high quality satellite TV is a lot simpler in today’s time. If you’re a die-hard TV fan who wants to enjoy several different shows or movies on one platform, it might be time to unsubscribe from streaming services and look into satellite TV. While you’re doing that, note down these TV shows that will look and sound fantastic on top-quality satellite TV.

1. Friends: The Reunion

Whether you’re a Friends sitcom fanatic or want to hop on the bandwagon, Friends: The Reunion is a great way to spend two hours of your time! Friends fans have been anticipating a reunion since the show aired its final episode 17 years ago.

Although it’s been a while since the reunion episode came out, some viewers are still yet to watch it. The Friend’s Reunion was a wonderful trip down memory lane where the six main characters visited the re-created set and reminisced the old times. The show brought joy to millions of fans around the globe and spiked discussions all over social media.

2. Love Island USA

Just like many other reality TV shows, Love Island will get you hooked. Whether you love the show or love to hate-watch, it’s probably on your watch list. Several single individuals come together in a tropical location to find love and one couple leaves with a cash prize. Some people are dumped from the island and are bound to leave, while others continue searching for romance.

With three different seasons to binge-watch, there are different challenges and couples every time. While some are audience favourites, others have sparked controversy on social media. You’ll have to watch it to find out which side you’re on!

3. Catfish: The TV Show

The hosts help people who reach out to figure out if their online relationship is real or not. Each episode starts with an individual that shares their relationship details with the host. Most of the time, the people they are talking to refuse to meet them. That’s when the hosts visit the potential catfish and help the guest of the show sort out their emotional entanglement.

This storyline is different from other reality shows because one of the hosts shares his personal story of getting catfished. The idea of the show roots in his experience and his willingness to help others in the same boat. When you follow along, your heart rate might go up when the camera crew shows up at the potential catfish’s home! With so much to uncover, each story is unique and nerve-wracking in its distinct way.

These are only three of the hundreds of shows you can enjoy with high quality satellite TV. Treat yourself to some exciting shows as you unwind and relax.

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