Losing your loved one is stressful but when cremated you don’t just have to keep them in an urn or spread them at the funeral home garden. There are a number of ways of keeping or spreading them that will keep their memory alive anything from your own life to eternity. Here are the best 10!


Preserving for eternity


Diamonds are the hardest substance known to Mankind and as such will last forever. Did you know it is possible to make diamonds in a factory? Where traditionally grown from pure carbon, the memorial diamond company Heart In Diamond uses the same industrial diamond making techniques to turn the carbon from your loved one into one. It is then cut and polished for you to keep as jewelry.


Glass jewelry. A slightly less involved process than re-creating the heat and pressure found in the center of the Earth, making a piece of glass jewelry can achieve a wonderful memory out of the remains of your loved one. In terms of jewelry, you can also buy a cremation urn necklace for your loved one’s ashes.


Stained glass too? Every time you look through a door or window you will be looking through your loved one. Isn’t that just cool? As with the glass jewelry option the remains are incorporated into the glass making process and then the glass pieces are turned into artwork.


Some music transcends time. Is there an album or piece of music that they particularly loved? Vinyly enable cremated ashes to be pressed into records so every time you listen to that music your loved one will come out of their sleeve to play it to you.


Going out with a bang!


Not everyone wants to be mourned – many want their lives celebrating as opposed to their loss felt. This is why a number of companies have come forward with a chance for your loved one to go out with a bang!


The most exciting one of these is Celestis, a company that fires cremated remains into outer space where your loved one can float for eternity.


A bittersweet send off could be with a fireworks display – yes, cremated remains can be sent up in fireworks either for a professional or home display. You can watch your loved one go out with a display and a noise – now, how many people in this world have a personality that would suit that?!


For those into guns, their remains can even be put into live bullets and shotgun shells! Check out My Holy Smoke to see how your loved one could fire a projectile or simply go out in a salute.


Land and sea – or even you!


Perhaps the most symbolic of the cycle of life is to bury the remains with a tree seed. From a biodegradable urn, the seed is nourished by the cremated remains and could well be around for generations to come.


Meanwhile Kami make biodegradable ‘Nurn’ urns you can float out to sea which will eventually fall apart and let your loved one join the maritime currents and drift all over the planet. This can be done in a family ceremony to see your loved one off on their eternal journey.


A final yet no less interesting way may be to have their remains incorporated into tattoo ink and to have a memorial tattoo for them on your body. They will never leave your side if they are in your skin forever!


So there we have it – you certainly don’t need to keep your loved one’s remains in an urn in the living room to remember them.

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