Buying diamonds has to be planned. Apart from being expensive, their properties have to be checked to be able to get your money’s worth. There is a wholesale diamond dealer in Carrollton who can give a more affordable price for diamonds. So better check all the options before buying a diamond. What is a diamond dealer in Carrollton? Know what you have to know before dealing with them.

How Do Diamond Dealers Make Money?

They buy and sell diamonds to private clients or retail stores. They are skilled in evaluating diamonds they buy from sources. They buy them at a reasonable price then put them on the market and sell them to get profits.

How to become A diamond Dealer in Carrollton?

Becoming a diamond dealer isn’t easy since you have to be qualified to become one. Here are the qualification and requirements needed to be part of the diamonds trading:

Take Courses

Diamond dealers have to take up courses offered by legit institutions such as the American Gem Society or Gemological Institute of America. AGS and GIS are non-profit trade associations. An individual who wants to be a diamond dealer should take courses on graduate Sales associates and also consider being a registered jeweler. In these two courses, they will be able to learn how to evaluate diamonds according to their attributes. The courses usually last 26 weeks. You should be able to graduate from the course.

Be Trained

Training can be attained by getting a job in the jewelry industry since this is where you can apply what you have learned and be able to show your capability of evaluating diamonds and other gems. ASM can also assist their students in seeking a job to get the experience they need.

Skills of Diamond Dealers

Should be Familiar with the 4cs

Diamonds are classified by the 4cs which are: color, clarity, carats, and cut. A diamond dealer should be able to distinguish the category of the diamond using the 4cs. Know how to do it with your naked eye and use the necessary device. As they say, you can not sell what you don’t know. So you have to be familiar with the diamond you will be selling since each attribute corresponds to a value. Diamond prices are determined by these 4cs so you have to be familiar with them. While taking courses at AGS or GIS be mindful of the details given on each category. A good diamond dealer would be able to demonstrate the differences in the categories of the diamonds they are selling.

Manual sorting of diamonds. A hand with tweezers transfers diamonds from one pile to another.

Knowledge in Diamond Industry

Aside from the ability to evaluate diamonds, you should also show that you can deal with different kinds of buyers. You will be dealing with a wide variety of customers in the market. Determining who is a good prospect can help you make more deals. Knowing how to market your product to the right customer is important when it comes to selling.

Should Be Familiar with Tools

When evaluating diamonds there are tools and devices that are used. As a diamond dealer, you should be familiar with how to use them since this will assist you to know the worth of the diamonds you will be selling. This includes gauge, loupe, microscope, balance, color matterstones, and others.

How Much Does A Diamond Merchant Make?

Diamond dealers who have no or less experience can earn an average of $13 to $16 an hour. As their experience increases then they can earn more since they have more skills and can perform the necessary ways in evaluating diamonds.

What Is A Diamond Dealer In Carrollton? A diamond dealer should possess all the characteristics mentioned above to be called a diamond dealer. A diamond dealer is a profession therefore they should be able to perform their task right. The more experience they have the more money they can earn. Being an expert diamond dealer can make a person earn more. Diamonds are precious and expensive stones. Being able to know their worth can make it easier for you to put a value on them and gain more. Get that course and earn that experience and as time passes by you will become an expert diamond dealer.

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