On one hand, you could waste time measuring your head, categorising your face shape and tracking down the perfect pair of shades to suit your unique features.  Alternatively, you could simply opt for a timeless style that’s impossible to go wrong with.

Given that summer 2020 is already midway through, now really isn’t the time to be wasting precious daylight on excessive selectiveness. Quite the opposite – now’s the time to dive into an exquisite pair of sunglasses you just know you’re going to look great in.

With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of some of the top men’s sunglasses styles for summer 2020, courtesy of layoners.com. All of which are as much about looking the part as they are protecting you from harmful UV radiation:

Geometric Sunglasses

As the name suggests, geometric sunglasses are those that stray from the norm with all manner of weird and wonderful shapes. From hexagons to squares to designs that combine multiple shapes to create something unique, you cannot fail to stand out with an interesting and creative pair of geometric sunglasses. Though it’s important to keep things subtle in terms of colours and frame thicknesses, so that the star of the show is the shape.

Colourful Sunglasses

Bright and bold is the order of the day in 2020, which means switching dull and boring frames for the most colourful alternatives you can get away with.  Experiment with contrasts, or see how you look in a pair of shades where the lenses are tinted to match the frames as closely as possible. Blues, reds and yellows in particular are proving hot this year, which can be great for bringing a pop of colour to an otherwise modest outfit.

Aviator Sunglasses

The classic go-to for generations – aviators are both timeless and impossible to go wrong with. Though in 2020, it’s all about mixing things up with tinted lenses, coloured frames even more than usual patterned finishes. If you look great in a pair of aviators (which you will), it’s worth experimenting with a few out-of-the-box styles to bring a little personality into the mix.

Nineties Sunglasses

Once considered the height of everything unfashionable, the designs from the 90s are well and truly back in business. Usually too small to be of any practical value and completely bonkers by way of shape, a well-chosen pair of 90s sunnies can be the ultimate statement piece. If struggling for inspiration, have a quick look at any shot taken at a mid-90s outdoor Oasis gig and study the crowd.

Top Bar Sunglasses

Last up, top bar sunglasses came out of nowhere to once again take the world by storm. The top bar itself may be a subtle addition, but nonetheless makes a seriously bold statement about the individual wearing it. Top bar sunglasses are essentially a more daring version of the classic aviator design, for those who aren’t convinced aviators send a strong enough message about their personality.


Image Source: BigStock.com (Licensed)


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