Here’s is the New Year and new decade too. Are you going to be the same in terms of your apparel, footwear, and other accessories or want to be an updated one? For sure, you will go with the trends and in this era of internet of things, you can do this easily as your favorite online shopping platforms offers you what you want and never lacks behind when it’s about fashion. While it is difficult to make sure your wardrobe is updated with the various trends, you can easily adapt these trends with an extra 20% off at JCPenney, Macy’s, and Kohls. Confused that what will prevail in the coming days of fashion? Then, keep track and find below what you can include in your wardrobe to be a fashionista in your group.


Top 10 Fashion Trends To Follow


1. Seventies show


Fashion always repeats itself and it’s the turn of 70s trends which will halt all fashions of 80s and 90s. Bleached flare jeans, embroidered denim shorts, and slim jean jackets will be back when it comes to denim. The bohemian crochet tops, suede jackets, and wide brim hats will give a feel of the decade with some addition of aviator glasses, fur vests and blouses—punched up with gathered sleeves, ruffled necklines, and pussy bows.

2. Shorts


The abbreviated bottoms are an all-time favorite due to their leisure feel and congrats that they are not fading away from the trend. In 2020, the shorts are widely accepted as ready-to-wear and evening wear. Short pants with premium materials like tweed, leather, and sequins are in trend for vacation uses. Even the short suits are getting accepted among men and women both and that too in bold colors or prints. The denim shorts will always be having prominence. Stock up on some great shorts starting at just $5.43 at JCPenney.

3. Big bags


2019’s itty-bitty-it-bags will have an expiry time in 2020 as the bags of large size will gain prominence in this year. You will have enough space to fit your possessions and that is with a chic accessory which will not let you down when it comes to fashion.

4. Tangerine


This shade of orange will be the king this spring. Designers are keeping the season bright and funky by including the color in casual wear like shirts and sweaters. However, this Vitamin C color is also prevailing in fancier pieces. Dresses or ruffled tops are some fancier apparel with which you can show this vibrancy in your outfits.

5. Rope Belts

If we will come to accessories that will work for you if you are the one who goes with trends then rope belts will suit you perfectly in the coming days. Looking out for a rope in your Homebase would not work as the trending belt has an expensive look with its material. The designers are including the ropes as a belt with some aesthetic knots, styles, and twists. Not necessarily for the purpose of tightening but the ropes can be used for designer purposes too.

6. Bucket Hats

Another trending accessory in the market is the bucket-shaped hat. Almost each and every designer has used the fisherman cut in their spring stocks on runways. The casual look of your spring will surely be enhanced with this addition.

7. Colored denim

The denim is not going to be the same this year. To match the colorful trend of the year, designers are coming up with denim dabbed in colors. This added fun to denim will be the talk of the year in apparel like jeans, cut-off shorts and cropped and belted jean jackets. Yellow, pink, cobalt blue and Kelly green will take the place of that traditional blue of denim. Grab some amazing deals as per the trend with offers like buy 1 get 1 from popular stores like JCPenney and Macys.

8. Platform shoes

If the trouser trends are repeating themselves in 2020 after the 70s then for sure we will see a change in footwear. The platform heels which were kept under the rut after 2010s paving way to block heels and sneakers are gaining momentum in this decade. Not only in the shoes but we can expect square-toe loafers, tall boots and open-toe sandals with the trendy platform heels. Adidas Yeezy Boost at are also a stylish option.

9. Bra tops

This revealing fashion is reigning over the head of fashionistas. The power of bra tops will be seen in crochet or retro floral prints while giving an updated look to last year’s midi skirt. Lingerie-inspired tops will be king among all these.


10. Camp shirts


The leisure feel is again not leaving the fashion place it has. Best suited for travel-obsessed people the trend will keep vacation mode on. Psychedelic patterns, tropical motifs and safari prints will be seen in these lightweight, short-sleeve button-down apparel. Relaxed fit, pleated trousers and sandals with the shirts will allow the men a perfect look for their vocational vibes.




So, now are you ready to shed out the old fashion and update your wardrobe? Or are you still worrying about the struggle in finding these trends? Well, that should not be a worry as you have all means. What you have to do is just search it down on your device and you will see a number of options among which you will surely find the one which will not let you down. So, pick up your phone, search and order what trend suggest you!!!


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