Party season brings a lot of jazz and fun. You get the chance to flaunt your best dress and leave everyone impressed with your style. So, you open the wardrobe, pick out the best attire, match it up with the right shoes and makeup, and you are set to go.

But wait! There is something “missing” – jewellery pieces. These little accessories have the potential to take the whole outfit a notch up. If you know how to pair the right accessory with your ensemble, you can surely become the highlight of the party. To help you with that, here is a quick guide on styling party jewellery. Let’s get started!

Factors To Consider Before Picking A Party Jewellery

Styling party jewellery is an art. You need to consider various factors before putting them on. Some of them are:

  • Occasion:

You cannot adorn a heavy jewellery in an office party. It is essential to understand the occasion and the environment before selecting any necklace or rings for party wear. For instance, if it is a wedding party, go for heavy jewellery such as kundan necklace set or studded jewels to match the traditional vibes. But if it is an office party, you would wish to wear jewellery that is both elegant and professional. Pearl and diamond jewellery suit these occasions the best.

  • Outfit:

Just like the occasion, your outfit matters too. Nowadays, people focus on creative a contrast with their attire. So, if you are wearing a monochromatic dress, you may wish to go for colourful jewellery to create some contrast. Other than this, you also need to keep in mind the neckline of your dress, especially if you are planning to wear pendants. There are different lengths of necklaces for each type of neckline such as long and layered necklaces go well with turtle necks. If you are in doubt, just pick a princess-length necklace. It’s versatile and goes with every neckline.

Vintage Jewelry and Open Jewelry Box on Table

  • Style:

Your party jewellery reflects your style. So, make sure you select pieces that complement your personal statement. If you love to go simple yet classy, you can invest in delicate pendants and gold rings. But if you are someone who loves to flaunt her bold style, try statement necklaces. You can also opt for chunky pieces or create a mixture of indo-western styles.

Tips To Looks Dazzling

Here are some pro-tips to make sure your party jewellery styling does not go wrong:

  • When wearing statement jewellery, make sure there is only one focal point. Do not adorn too many pieces as it can totally ruin the whole purpose of picking a statement jewellery. For instance, if you are wearing a statement earring, avoid wearing a heavy necklace and vice versa.
  • Try mixing metals to show off interesting combinations. For instead of wearing matching gold earrings with a gold necklace, try a silver necklace instead. Just make sure there is some common trait and you can effortlessly ace the look.
  • If it is a day party, try to keep the jewellery subtle. You can opt for layered strands of necklace and stacked rings to bring the bling.
  • Before leaving home, remove one piece of jewellery. This is quite an old trick in the book. It helps in ensuring you do not end up wearing too many jewellery pieces to the party.
  • Make sure you wear good quality jewellery. When you go to online store to buy gold rings or any other pieces, always pick high-quality and authentic pieces. This may not sound like a styling advice but if not taken carefully, it can impact your look. After all, you would not want to go to a party wearing a chipped and dull jewellery.

Now that you have read it all, we hope you liked the guide and are ready to charm everyone with your dazzling look!

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