The Ridge Wallet lands right in the sweet spot between a bulky traditional bi-fold wallet and a limited minimalist wallet.

The integrated track accommodates various numbers of cards without losing elasticity; providing an extremely thin wallet that isn’t limited in its capacity. Lightweight aluminum makes up the lightweight body of this wallet, paired with a money clip to keep your cash safe and secure.


All of this is paired with a lifetime guarantee and free shipping.  How can you go wrong?

• Expandable track holds 1-12 cards
• Integrated money clip that can double as a pocket clip
• Slim front pocket profile to alleviate lower back pain
• Block RFID-skimming devices (wireless credit card and identity theft)
• Integrated expandable track with replaceable elastic
• Weighs 2 oz

• Aluminium
• Elastic

• Dimensions: 3.3” L x 2.2” W x .22” D / 86 mm L x 54 mm W x 6 mm D
• Weight: 2 oz

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Via: Ridge Wallet