When you need to rock a stylish and sleek haircut, there is not a better option than an ivy league haircut. This stunning haircut has existed for decades, and it remains to be the most preferred haircut for most men. Thanks to glam, yet contemporary aesthetic, the refined haircut can appear just as fine as at the office as well as at the club.

So, if you are here because you need a fresh cut, that will rock your looks, this is a sure-fire choice for you. Of course, you will have to learn how to wear it in the best way that is suitable to your personality. Fortunately, we have assembled some of the best ivy league haircut for gents to choose from. Good luck!

1. Classic Ivy League Cut.

This haircut originated from American Ivy League schools, and it is smart and refined features that have made it one of the most preferred haircuts by men. It is also called Harvard clip or Princeton cut. The haircut incorporates neatly tapered sides with a long top that is just sufficient to wear into a side part.

2. Texture Ivy League Style.

A textured ivy league haircut is the best choice for may stylish guys. For gents with thick hair, this textured look can break things up, so you don’t appeal like a Lego figurine. For those whose hair is thin, it can enhance the bounce and maintain things looking limp and flat. Also, regardless of your hair type, this haircut always appears modern and flattering. You might need some pomade for men to style the hair and keep it firm.

Texture Ivy League Style


3. Short Ivy League Style.

If you need a cropped haircut, you should opt for a short haircuts for men. Because of its length, the ivy league cut looks like the old crew cut, but in maintaining the style, it is combed lightly to the sides. The outcome is a short and fashionable look that is easy to style and maintain.

4. Medium Ivy League Cut.

For a stylish and flattering look, the medium ivy league style is all that you need to accomplish that. To wear the look, tell your stylist to leave an inch of hair on top. This technique offers enough length to be able to style your top hair easily to one side after shampooing.

5. Long Ivy League Cut.

This is what you need for a stylish and flattering look for men. The style features extra length at the top and appears more modern and eye-appealing than its counterparts’ shorter styles. Besides, by keeping the hair on the top longer, it gives more freedom to change your style whenever you wish.

So, whether you are looking for a quaffed ivy league haircut or a voluminous one, this style enables you to create it effortlessly. But keep in mind that you should allow your hair on the top to grow to the right length, but not too long, lest it ceases to be called an ivy league style.

Long Ivy League Cut.


6 Modern Ivy League Style.

If you need a contemporary take on the ivy league haircut, this haircut has you covered. To achieve this, choose medium to long length and add some texture. Anything that looks neat and clean will look so traditional, so make the final touches of your hair a bit relaxed for a beautiful modern take on this effortless look.

7. Ivy League with A Fade.

To maintain your ivy league cut looking stylish and on-trend, consider including a fade in your haircut. A fade minimises the length of your hair on both sides and also the back of the head. As a result, the manes around your ears are neatly styled while still having a smooth transitioning into an elongated length as it approaches the top of the head.

8. Messy Ivy League Style.

You don’t have to wear neat ivy league styles all the time. For a contemporary take on this style, a messy haircut is a must-try option for you. Give it a shot, and you will look romantic.

9. Ivy League Cut with A Hard Part.

Nowadays we are witnessing more classic ivy league haircuts than before. As such you can tailor yours to make it bold and unique. Incorporating a side part is one of the best ways to make your ivy league haircut unique and stand out from the crowd.


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