How much time do you spend using gadgets? Do you take steps to regulate the light and radiation emitted by these devices? As you know, one of the ways to minimize and regulate light exposure is by limiting screen time. Additionally, there is also a way to protect our eyes from unnecessary blue light called protective eyeglasses.

This protective eyewear is a product called blue light blocking glasses. The said product has a blue light filter, which alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort due to prolonged exposure to the gadgets.

To know more, below are some reasons why you need the Livho blue light blocking glasses as your eye care. Here are five of the best:

1. Best for Durability

As consumers, we look for products that could meet the requirements for a long time. This is best suggested for the lenses that provide excellence in quality, especially on the activities.

Additionally, the eyeglasses were made to endure physical break, not just only protecting the eyes from blue light. It has Acetate and TR90, which means that the glasses cannot deform through physical impact, bending, and strain because of these materials.

2. Best for Blocking Blue Light

The blue light can impact vision and could age the eyes excessively. Because of the screens’ proximity and the amount of time spent looking at them, problems with long-term effects of screen viewing arise.

Most of all, the visible blue light that enters the eye passes through the cornea and lens. In contrast to ultraviolet light, blue light penetrates deeper into the eye, so exposure will damage the retina by exposing the eye to hidden intensity points.

Tha said eye care has specialized lenses to filter out blue light and avoid transmitting the devices from a harmful blue ray or UV 400 wavelength range. It is also made to remove glare, block blue light from entering our eyes, and prevent vision fatigue when looking at digital screens.

3. Best for Eye discomforts

Intensive digital device consumption and exposure can cause the eyes to feel pain from looking at a screen for more than two hours at a time. Some can suffer more than others from digital eye pressure, dry eyes, blurry vision, crying or watery eyes, headaches, and dizziness.


Now, the lenses and filters are made of blue polycarbonate lenses for this eye care. It continually provides high optical clarity, eye pressure relief, and high-temperature tolerance features. It is customized for the mid-distance range as an anti-glare lens, which eliminates blurring, pixilation, and decreases brightness during the use of display devices that cause eye strain.

4. Best for night sleep

Even during nighttime, everyone is still exposed to blue light and radiation due to school tasks or workloads. However, other than those tedious tasks, blue light makes it difficult for a person to sleep because it helps alert the brain, allowing the usual sleeping cycle to be disrupted.

As such, the eyeglass is a great aid to sleep better because blue light blocking glasses mitigate its effects, allowing the devices to be used before bed and still get a good sleep. For sure, it is best to be used by students or night shift employees or staff who work or study at night.

5. Best for your style

It is reasonable to be on the lookout for a new frame of glasses to add to our closet. For some, there is plenty of excellent frame style of eyeglasses that will rise in popularity. Style is still a factor, even in the comfort of our homes.

This eye care is not just for the guarantee of your eye health and any vision protection needed, but it also looks for your comfort sophisticatedly. You can have your own choice for the style that is best for you.

It may be classy, geek, round, oversized, and the like. This makes it great to enhance our wearing experience with this high-end and lightweight frame style, which makes us be in the modern trendy yet distinct.


We do not wait to get those odd effects for us to take care of our eyes. This is a vital organ, just like the other parts of our body. We must take responsibility for the activities we are doing that could directly affect this body part.

This eyewear is among the most searched out blue light glasses today that can be purchased at their site All the features, medical experience, quality of materials, and design outlined above come at a cost. There is no magic at work if these vital inputs do not reflect on an individual’s contribution to their good; likely, they were not part of the benefits.

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