When I was a kid my mom wouldn’t let me get Spider-Man underwear because I’m a girl and boys underwear are different. Um, no duh they’re different! Obviously they have superheros on them instead of Barbies! But I think she was right, because all the men’s underwear I wear now do feel a little… drafty. Luckily I can replace them all with these amazing geek girl panties by etsy artist Bunny Jump. She makes TARDIS, Portal, Star Wars, Marvel Avengers and all kinds of other geeky panties. Just one question: are the TARDIS panties bigger on the inside? Because that would be awesome.

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  1. Grandma

    Could you help this Grandma find Spiderman panties for my 4 year old Granddaughter? Butterflies and ponies are fine but she wants Spiderman.