There is no doubt that buying jewelry can be exciting. It is like eyeing an investment where you can choose from a wide variety of designs. It also has another purpose, as it could be a fashion statement or an accessory as well. Diamonds have a significant value, therefore someone buying it could be paying a big chunk of their hard-earned money. Getting your first ever diamond (or for your partner) can be challenging. We listed some of the mistakes you have to avoid when purchasing this valuable gemstone.

1. Know more about diamonds.

Your jeweler may carry different types of gemstones that look similar to diamonds. There are now plenty of resources and information that can be found online about this topic. Don’t just assume and buy the most beautiful one in the store – you might not be buying a diamond. Some of them could be the cheaper alternative which is Cubic Zirconia or they could be another type of clear stone.

Don’t forget that there are other types of diamond, like those in a lab grown diamond ring. They are also diamonds that even have certificates, inspected, and graded by experts. They may be a bit less expensive than mined diamonds, but they are also the real thing. Don’t hesitate to get these varieties of diamonds, just make sure the jewelry store can provide the paperwork that can prove the diamond’s authenticity. Lab grown diamond engagement rings could be your best bet when buying this for proposing to your partner.


2. Know more about the seller.

Their store may be the best one in the street, but this does not give an assurance that they are selling authentic diamonds. Especially in today’s world – where many people can easily take advantage of someone who does not know about what they’re buying. Just like pointer number one, there are plenty of online platforms and even social media sites where users can leave reviews and feedback. Apart from this, you may get more ideas on where it could be better to shop than the one you’re eyeing. This can also provide some information on when they have special discounts or promotions.

3. Sticking to what you prefer to buy.

Did you know that there is not much difference in terms of size between a 1-carat diamond and the .90 carat one? The higher carat is only about a millimeter bigger (depending on the cut) that can not be different from the smaller one. Obviously, the lower carat is cheaper – that you may even be able to buy another piece of jewelry. This is also the same with other factors such as color, cut, and clarity. Always be open to your jeweler’s suggestions and look what will look great for you or with your partner. You might be surprised to know what would be the perfect jewelry for your partner, just by presenting their picture with the sales associate!

Buying diamonds are hard especially when you are using the money you have earned for years. If this is your first time buying a diamond, it should not be that hard just by following this guide. Always be open to suggestions and always inform your jeweler of the budget. You may get the best one that’s just fit for your money!

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