It is no secret that South Korea has been at the forefront of entertainment for the last couple of years. With the K-pop industry booming, people around the world have also been introduced to a wide range of skincare and makeup lines that this nation boasts. Korean fashion and style has also taken over the world!

This cultural influence can be seen through the shows we choose to watch, the foods we reach out for, and even in our closet picks. You might have noticed in your favorite K-drama or random blog posts that Korean people are some of the most fashionable in the world. 

They pay close attention to their appearance and even the interior design of spaces seems to be deliberately calculated to achieve a certain aesthetic. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a girl group or an avid traveller, Seoul must be top on your list of must-visit destinations. It is the perfect mix of traditional and modern which makes any tourist want to book tickets ASAP. 

If you’re looking forward to holidaying, read below to learn what you should pack to remain on top of your style game during your visit. While style is a personal and unique thing, there is a thing or two we can take away from the streets of Korea. 

Tips To Be Stylish In Korea

Color Yourself Stylish

Colors on the lighter side are often quite popular among Korean women. Not only are they super fresh but they lend you a youthful appearance. Being easy on the eyes, shades like pastels will have you looking like cotton candy. 

Top this off with the fact that they can be paired with other pieces effectively. You might think that these colors don’t fare well during the colder months but if you’ve got a knack for layering, you’re good to go! 

Neutrals are always in too, so you can’t go wrong with a wardrobe that consists mainly of beiges and nudes as you can almost always find something to complement them with. 

The Cherry On Top(s)

While a showy leg isn’t made a fuss of in Korean society, women shun away from baring their shoulders, cleavage, or torso. It is only recently that the off-shoulder trend has taken off, for example. But this shouldn’t stop you, as there are a plethora of choices when it comes to tops. 

The key here is to add a bit of feminine appeal in the form of lace along the neckline or ruffled sleeves to make a statement. Oversized and dramatic blouses can be used for a regal look, perfect for weekend brunches. 

You can also create a classic oversized-top-skinny-jean ensemble while you play around with accessories. If you find your blouse to be too plain, throw on a sleeveless dress or a spaghetti top because this trend is definitely making a comeback. 

Bottoms Up

Jeans are a staple in almost every wardrobe, and this rings true of Korean women as well. Bootlegs, high-waisted, the skinny kind, and especially ripped jeans are a crowd-favorite. You only need to figure out a pant that complements your body type and goes in tandem with the rest of your outfit. 

But if a relaxed look is what you’re in the mood for, you can never go wrong with a pair of sweatpants. They give you a wide range of motion when you’re busy running errands around town while still being extremely pair-able with a fancy top. 

Bell bottom sweats, ankle cuff tracks, and joggers are big in the athleisure scene for a comfort-meets-fashion look. 

Mini, Midi, And Everything In Between

As we mentioned earlier, your legs are free to receive as much press as you like. And what better way to showcase them than with a skirt? You can go for plain, patterned, or checkered prints to top off any look. 

Keep the length below, above, or mid-knee and go to town with colors of your preference. Skirts that seem too dull or plain can be taken up a notch with the help of funky pantyhose or fishnet stockings. 

The school-girl look is a great example of how you can introduce skirts into your closet for a cutesy charm. 

Let It Get To Your Head!

The best way to make heads turn is to add an accessory you’re fond of. Be it caps, beanies, hats, or berets—Koreans love them all! You must have seen your favorite K-pop idols sporting the all-too-familiar bucket hat during their schedules. 

Snapbacks are a must-have for every streetwear ensemble. Serving more than protection, the right headgear can seriously take your clothes to another level. 

You can use them for a pop of color, add a timeless twist, or to hide a bad hair day all while keeping the elements out. 

Bring Out Your Rose-Tinted Glasses

Let’s face it: the eyes are the first thing we notice about others. While you can do yours up with a smokey look, try throwing in oversized sunglasses. If you catch yourself getting bored with your OOTD and want to add an element of oomph, glasses can do the trick. 

Opt for the tried-and-tested black lens or a fancy colored one that is sure to change how you view the world. If avoiding the sun is not part of your agenda, daily reading glasses in cute frames can also work wonders in elevating your look. 

All That Glitters Is Not Gold—It Can Be Silver Too

Jewelry has the power to transform a basic outfit to a fancy one, which is why you must use it to your advantage. Korean women love incorporating dainty pieces that show the tiniest hint of sparkle. 

This adds a charm to your evening dresses and looks gorgeous on the skin. Chunkier accessories aren’t all the rage, but you can add one as a statement to an otherwise plain ensemble. 

Stackable rings, charm bracelets, and no-show necklaces are a welcome addition. 

When In Doubt, Strut It Out!

The icing on the cake, or in this case, your footwear is all you need to nail a show-stopping look. Due to their petite frames, Korean women reach for heels and the added height is also a bonus. 

This might sound uncomfortable to some, but the put-together look that high-heeled shoes give off makes them a super-coveted item. Don’t be fooled, though, as sneakers also have a huge market in Korea. 

Luxury and streetwear brands find their collections sold out in minutes as this relaxed shoe style helps with achieving a tomboyish vibe. Ankle boots and knee-length ones are also found when the temperatures drop, owing to their classic pairing with trench coats. 

Fashion model with big bag. Isolated on white

Secure The Bag

It is rare to find someone that leaves the house without a bag for all their on-the-go essentials. When in Korea, you’re going to want to pack light as smaller purses are the talk of the town. 

Shoulder bags, belt bags or fanny packs, and crossbody bags are graceful enough without taking all the attention away from your outfit. 

For longer work-laden days there’s nothing wrong with opting for a tote or a bulkier bag but if style is your priority, you might want to reconsider. 

Got You Covered!

During the fall months when winter is easing its way in, nothing is more scrumptious than a neutral trench coat. With styles that come with buttons to those that don’t, this staple is all you need to throw on to keep the elegance alive. 

Even blazers are heaven-sent; they can be worn with tank tops or dresses, transitioning your fit into high-fashion. 

You don’t need to hold a 9-5 and run back and forth between meetings to don a blazer—they work fantastic off-duty too! Bejeweled ones, cut-out designs, and color-block elements can be chosen among other options to revolutionize your look. 

(T)Winning With Bae

Couples fashion is a huge deal in Korea because looking good is as important to men as it is to women. If you’ve got a partner in crime, there’s no better time to get you both matching outfits! Coordinated sets, jumpers, and even accessories are matched to show off your love. 

While some may find wearing the same clothes to be far from ideal, it is seen as a display of affection. You can use this as a great date idea where you can shop for clothes together and wear them out for the world to see!

We agree that your style is unique to who you are. Your style can be a game changer when it comes to boosting your confidence. The Korean fashion scene is all about choosing comfort without making it obvious. 

You don’t need to undergo a complete closet overhaul in order to be considered stylish during your vacation. Simply make a few tweaks to your already-existing choices and explore varieties in clothing. 

Building a capsule wardrobe and picking some statement pieces to go will put you on your way to the sophistication Korean women possess. After all, you only need one element to shine while the rest of your ensemble works in tandem. 

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