Ready with your bag stuffed with beer cans, fresh weeds and every freaking ‘pills of ecstasy’, but err… you kind of missing something.

Duh!  Stop working hard to figure out that missing ‘something’ fancy factor with your dress. After all, relax you are going to Electric Dance Carnival….. Say ‘las caderas no mienten (hips don’t lie) with shutter shade LED glasses on! These glasses are going to compliment that missing fancy factor in your party dress.

Be it a whole guys/bachelor’s/ girlie trip or a trip with your BFF’s/boyfriend/girlfriend, amazing looking LED glasses with shudder shades add funky style to your party wear. It’s compulsory for an electronic dance carnival.  With world’s topmost DJ’s pumping up the heat of the dance floor, go shake your legs and grab your partner in the rhythmic beats of ‘Bailamos’.

Known for the 12 LED shutter shade glasses, this stuff is perfect for an electronic neon dance party. Just put on the glasses and hit the dark dance floor, you will find plenty of dance freaks on the floor!

After all, electro dance carnival is calling!  Swallow the ‘pills of ecstasy’ and leave the rest up to you. The magic is going to happen after hitting the floor. It’s the ambiance that’s going to make your dance with the tunes.

It’s custom LED illumination mode enabled facility flashes the multicolor reflections and glows in 3 different modes. Slow, fast or fully on. Sounds like a companion for every party freak, right?? Yeah. there you got!

 Available in primarily 4 colors, red green, white and blue lights, they are reusable and the flashes are on for long party hours.

Being a primary accessory for rave homecoming parties, it’s the best party gift for your closed ones. Even children aged above 3 years can wear it. It’s completely 100%nontoxic glow product.

Available in complete package of 12 pks these goggles are best birthday gift ever for anyone. These cool shutter shaded glasses are perfect to break the blues of all those who are planning to hit Dance carnival party.

Meant for reusable long-lasting glow, these glasses also compliment Halloween costumes, camp party, etc. Teenagers, adults and even kids above 3 years find it a unique cool gift item.

Packaging contents include, 12 piece LED party shutter shade glass along with the batteries, durable LED bulbs, and 4 different colors. These party stuffs are available in standard size to fit every eyes. Put, your glasses on after dressing up for a rave party/ electro-music dance DJ party or any hip hop Metallica hardcore rock music launch party anywhere in USA.

With a tequila shot, dark neon shutter shade glasses on say, “EDC Vegas, here we come!”



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