When the Sculptor Michelangelo was once asked what he was doing while working a boulder, he replied: “I see a beautiful Angel trapped in this rock and I will do my Best to free him.”

I want to supplement him with a Quote from Martin Buber (Philosopher of Religion):

“In everyone is something precious that is not in any other.”

What a beautifully true phrase! And to meet people in exactly that way is what I do as a style consultant.

On this note, I want to help you make the most of your own style!

Here is a list of 7 Style-affirmations you can keep for yourself and use immediately:

  1. I am proud of myself and my body.

To be honest, the perfect body does not exist. Because thatperson is so flawless on Instagram and, an enticing picture is always an interplay of favorable pose, flattering light, and a few Photoshop clicks. Do not be fooled by these pictures.

Look at yourself in the mirror: What do you like most? What makes you beautiful and unique? Try your own styles instead of just masking the supposed problem areas. For example, if you have a nice décolleté, then stress it, excuse a v-neckline. And if you are proud of your legs, show them!

  1. I’m not going to follow all the rules.

“As a blonde you shouldn’t wear black, with thick thighs a mini skirt is taboo and jeans on jeans is a no”. There are endless styling tips and well-intentioned advice. But more important than the  outside opinion is that you feel comfortable in your clothes.

Stylish women know that and wear their outfits confidently. And that makes them so very attractive.

  1. I bet on class, instead of mainstream

Women with good style don’t chase after every trend, but rather choose clothes and accessories wisely. Quality instead of quantity.

Do the same and don’tt stuff your closet with bargains, but rather save for a few high quality items. This can be a genuine leather bag or a perfectly fitting jeans. Think in advance on how to combine the parts. Also make sure that everything fits perfectly. So you avoid bad buys and get a better styled wardrobe for the money.

4.I’m not afraid to try something new from time to time.

It’s tempting and so easy to grab sweaters and jeans every morning. But the fun isn’t there, if you don’t put in the least bit of effort. Expressing your own creativity and character is actually very important when you want develop a better and more polished style.

Also try to spice up your look with some refinements and buy good beauty products. Wear a top in a trendy pop color or wear a blouse with an extravagant cut. It’s something you can easily wear to your comfortable everyday jeans.

  1. I routinely clean my closet.

Behind every stylish woman or man is a tidy wardrobe. Because only those who have a good overview of their weaponry can create new cool outfits every day.

Take a day (perfect: a rainy Sunday) and follow up on taking a thorough wardrobe inventory. Clear everything and then try new looks in front of the mirror. Be brave and take pictures of the most beautiful styles. This way, you get a better feel for it.

  1. I separate myself from that, which did not make me happy.

When you’re cleaning up, blow everything out, which will not make you happy. These include the old jeans that you’ve been seeing for four years, or the trend pants, or the trend whatevers (you don’t like).

Guiding question: Does this item do it for me? Such a strong question not only creates space in the closet, but also leaves you feeling really good.

  1. I pay more attention to my clothing in general.

Whether it’s a creased blouse, dirty shoes or a fuzzy sweater – we pay too little attention to our clothes. The result: We have to buy many new things, because unfortunately, lack of care harms our clothes extremely. This becomes particularly clear on leather shoes or bags. If they are not regularly cleaned and treated with leather care, the leather dries out, tears or gets stains that can not be removed. After wearing your beloved fashion items, this should be your mantra: Clean and care!

For clothes: More ironing and using lint shaver will be great additions to your style routine! Because no matter how expensive a blouse or sweater was, if you have wrinkles or lint, it’ll look cheap no matter what.

The above tips will be helpfull to you, no matter what, but you might still be thinking:

All of this is great, but what about my body type?

The Art of Fashion

What Body Types are all about and their Role in Fashion Consulting

One of the great pillars which Image Consulting is based upon, is the figure. As a rule, the style consultant arranges the customer into a so-called figure profile. Then you talk about the X and the H type. There is the A-type aswell: narrow on Top, Hip chubby, just the Pear. Or the O-type: From the top to at least the Middle of the Body, everything here is round, the Apple.

But let’s face it: Isn’t that far too schematic? Figure Profiles can be a help, yet my answer is a YES.

No matter if Apple or Pear, X or A type. It is much, much more important to look at the counterpart in the consultation exactly, from head to toe.

How is the neck pronounced, what are the shoulders like, where does the waist sit, how is it pronounced, etc. what are the proportions to each other, how long are the legs compared to the upper body?

You don’t have to measure much at all. If you use your eyes (and your brain), you can get here very far without wasting a lot of time. Not everyone likes it when you take measure on them. You’d expect that from tailors, but not from an Image Consultant. Measuring The leg length can indeed make sense if I am not sure if these are longer, the same length or shorter than the upper Body.

And this is how you do it: measure leg length (from the sole of the Foot to The Crotch), multiply by two and relate the result to the height of the body. If it is higher than the body size, the legs are longer, it is smaller, the Legs are shorter. This, of course, has an Impact on the length of the tops and the skirt lengths.

As a tip for your own figure analysis: take it together with a friend in front of the mirror.

This makes it easier, for example, to decide whether your own neck is short or not, or that blouse is still any good.

And what about the insights on my figure? This is the content of a style consultation or Stilberatung (as it’s called here in Germany), combined with the personal taste and also related to the occasion (or the occasions).

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