Summer is coming, and you know very well that you should be getting your summer clothes ready. This means taking out those khaki shorts, that pair of loafers, that polo shirt, and that trendy hat. But there’s another thing you should definitely prepare for summer wear: your watch. Watches are a veritable style necessity; they’re not only stylish, but they’re also endlessly practical as well. Even if you’re enjoying your time on holiday, it still pays to know the time, after all. But just like clothes, there are watches which are more suitable for the summer season, as they are more comfortable to wear in the summer heat. We’re talking, of course, about watches with Nato straps, which are perfect for the summer. It’s definitely time to swap your stainless-steel bracelet strap or leather watch strap for a Nato strap. So, what should you know about Nato straps, and why are they such a great option? Let’s find out.

What is it?

First of all, Nato straps are not related to NATO (the defence group or alliance). Close, but no cigar. Nato straps are actually associated with the Ministry of Defence of Britain, and the name ‘Nato’ simply came from the strap’s stock number. The strap’s design is ideal for more rugged wear, and it consists of a strap in one single piece which can slide beneath the case so your skin will not touch metal. Nato straps are great during the hot summer months as the nylon material of the strap absorbs moisture from the skin. And with its design, the Nato strap can easily stay on your wrist even if a spring bar on the watch pops out.

The Nato strap is popular for another reason: it’s a simple strap which is subtle and understated but stylish as well. It’s also not as expensive as other watch straps, and it’s adjustable and you can buy it in various patterns and colours. It’s a very comfortable strap as well. What more could you realistically want in a watch strap?

What watches go well with it?

The Nato strap can go well with a lot of watch brands, whether it’s an expensive Omega Speedmaster or a Timex watch. In other words, the Nato strap is highly versatile, so whatever kind of watch you have, you can find a brilliant Nato strap which will be perfect for it. Nowadays, it comes in a variety of patterns and colours as well, and you can easily find a high-quality Omega Nato strap from reliable suppliers who specialise in watch straps and accessories.

How expensive is it?

Unlike other watch straps which can be quite the expense (especially if you go for leather, which isn’t good for the summer, anyway), the Nato strap is friendly on the budget, and you can find Nato straps for as low as £20. But if you decide to purchase something that low, know that the quality may not be as good as you expect. You’d best go for quality rather than price, especially if you want your Nato strap to last for a long time. Omega has released a whole range of Nato straps, so if you want that perfect Nato strap for your perfect watch, it’s definitely a great buy.


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