Fashion trends are ever-changing and unpredictable. Is there any possibility to stay fashionable in college without spending tremendous sums of money? Of course, there is! We offer you several simple tips that will help you be on the edge of the latest trends and save your money. The only thing you need to do is to choose your way: shall you set trends by yourself, prefer slow classical fashion, be counter-trendy or choose fast fashion?


Set your own trends!

Fashion doesn’t appear out of the blue. Someone is always the first to dare and dress up in an outstanding way to be copied by the others. You don’t have a world-class fashion designer to set your own local trends, you may become a style icon in your college, town or Instagram. You don’t have to even have a lot of money to buy the pieces from the latest collections or to be in perfect shape to do classical modelling.

Lots of incredibly popular fashion bloggers create their reputation by occupying the particular niche the big brands just don’t cover. It can be anything: plus-size fashion, vintage fashion, second-hand fashion, statement item fashion… Have a look at Instagram or site live PunkRave to get inspired. Even the very idea of setting a fashion trend while being in college might be an idea for the fashion blog! Show your experiments, looks and styles and let the others follow you – both on social media and in real life.


Classical fashion is the ever-stylish fashion

Another way to always be trendy is to cling to the so-called slow fashion or classical fashion. This style relies on high-quality fabric and accessories, classical patterns and known ornaments. A person who prefers slow fashion doesn’t have to possess lots of clothes. Some basic sets are enough to create several different looks, changing the combinations and accessories and adding some pieces for special occasions. Also, you shoud take care of your clothes to make them usable for a long time. Pay attention to the peculiarities of washing, read instructions and read to know more on storage.

To stay on a budget and create a great classical wardrobe, you should think about the so-called capsule wardrobe. It is enough to have two or three shirts, matching skirts, jackets and trousers and combine them in different ways. The feature of a capsule wardrobe is that each piece matches another, so they all are interchangeable. Limiting the number of your clothes, you may pay more attention to quality, choosing good fabric and stylish patterns. Sometimes stock and discount stores or even second-hand shops may offer a wide range of classical items you may purchase almost for nothing. Add bright accessories as colour accents to the basic colours and styles and be fashionable no matter what the current trends are!


Counter-culture fashion

Sometimes wearing exactly the opposite is also a powerful fashion statement. When everyone goes left you go right. It is almost similar to the first way, where you create your own style to follow, but here you may create an outfit that will overall deny the existing trends. Wearing short when everyone else wears long or vice versa will make you unforgettable and distinguished. Fashion isn’t the reason to clone each other.

You may play with deliberately non-pop-fashionable styles such as Gothic, Victorian, Retro or adopt some of the fashion trends of the previous decade. Just remember that your statement should be easily recognizable. Simply wearing the trends of the previous season will look like forgetting to buy a new outfit, but skipping some seasons and donning something that was popular, say, three years ago is truly a counter-style.


Fast fashion

The most difficult way to stay fashionable is to follow the latest trends literally. Changing your style every season is called fast fashion. Usually, it demands lots of money and time for shopping which both are hard to find when you are in college. Alternatively, you may wear the cheaper brands or non-branded clothes that imitate the latest trends. Anyway, who cares about the quality of the things that will be discarded after a single season?

Just be aware that simply copying the latest trends won’t work still. You’ll have to adjust the newest fashion tendencies to your body type, color palette and peculiarities of your appearance to make it look not only trendy, but personalized and fitting you well.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to stay fashionable while still being a student. No matter which way you will choose – there are still stock markets, second-hand stores, wardrobe parties and other events and places that may help you to get the desired fashion outfits and accessories needed to keep you stylish!


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