With love in the air and melty chocolaty feel in your mind, how about gifting a naughty pendant to your cuttie babe?

Oh hell yeah man! It’s the time to pull down your old guitar from your attic junk heap and get it’s chord jammed, just to go out stealthily.

Hush hush hush… wait for the clock to strike twelve and carefully wait till daddy sleeps. Climb the boundary wall of your soulmate’s residential compound as if you ain’t got any feet maaeen…. Break the blue with the evergreen “I got my first reel six-string, bought it at a five and dime….  Standing on your mama’s porch, you said it now or never…. Those were the best days of my life”.

Finish it off with a sweet kiss and a bold keychain pendant on her neck as a symbol of your love to her!

OOOhhhhhh man that’s like a real cute sweet-heart way to propose your girl!!!! Hoaahh dude… bold and clear!!!

What???? had a fight with your boyfriend recently before this valentine’s day and he’s not picking your phone, no reply to your mails.. chat box.. messenger..uuhhhh huh no..no. Don’t get pissed. Love and tears are the two sides of mirrors after all girl!

Get one of these amazing unique looking cool stuff for your baeeee and pack it like the ‘best valentine’s day gift ever’!  Let him open it with a blue face just to break the blue right after unwrapping it.  It’s a gift for him to remember.

These funny looking quite off beat different Valentine’s day gift items are ‘unique’ on the basis of it’s following features:

  • Pendant studded with I Love Fucking You, I Mean I Fucking Love You
  • Best necklace gift for your husband as well as your wife
  • Perfect for gifting your partner the best anniversary gift
  • Equally appreciable for gifting teenage lover boyfriend/girlfriend/ BFF, closed ones
  • Durable for long wear, these pendants are rust free and protective from skin eruptions

These are available in the leading stores now. Choose your best one as you desire and get it today for gifting your soul mate a gala valentine’s day gift.

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