If you have a bunch of old items in your wardrobe, do not rush to throw them away. You can re-shape, repaint, and re-use clothes breathing into them a new life. In this article, we’d like to share with you some of the ideas how you can get use of your old stuff.

1. New Life of Your Old Shoes

Over time, shoes become old-fashioned and we store them in boxes or, even worse, just throw away. However, you can easily turn your old pair of stilettos or flats into stylish accessories.  

Decorate your footwear with stones and sparkles, which always look special and fashionable. Refresh the color of your shoes, use decoupage, and so on. A very unusual solution is to paint not shoes but only their soles so that they stand out and attract attention. Unlike tips, soles bend not that much and the paint doesn’t peel quickly. Painted soles look especially good on shoes with high heels. Many DIYers now use home laser engraver for making unusual and unique inscriptions and pictures on clothes including shoes; you can do that too given how easy engraving can be done.

2. Frazzle Jeans Are Still Alive 

Probably each of us has a couple of shabby jeans. And if you’ve already made up your mind to ditch them in a rubbish bin or to give to a charity, try to paint them first. When it comes to such a versatile piece of clothes as jeans, you’re limited only by your own imagination. Many beautiful handmade accessories are crafted from denim – toys, bags, purses, bracelets, laces, etc. Try yourself as a designer and create something new.

3. Transformation of the Leather Jackets

If your leather jacket lost its original gloss, it is very easy to bring it back to life. One of the easiest ways to do this is by painting it. So you can put the bottom of the jacket down in the bleach for a couple seconds and it will gain a nice tint. Also, do not be afraid of cutting clothes. Take a pair of scissors and just cut off the sleeves. Voila and you have a new waistcoat. Keep on experimenting. Make the sleeves asymmetrical, decorate your jacket with elegant stripes, attach new buttons, belts, etc. And you can soon become the owner of one of the most fashionable leather jackets in your city.

4. Handmade Pillows from an Old Sweater? Easy!

Fall out of love with your old oversize sweater? Then make a cushion out of it. Once you cut off  sleeves and the upper part of your sweater, turn the main part inside out and sew it along the cut edges so you get something that looks like a bag. Now you can decorate this bag – attach to it ribbons, buttons, zippers, well… everything you like. In order to turn the decorated bag into a pillow, you will only need to fill it with some polyester batting and the job is done. We told you it’s simple.

5. Scarves

You can give a usual gray scarf a touch of elegance and charm using some lace. To do that, cut off a part of the scarf and sew a lace or guipure instead. Choose the contrast color or in the tone of the scarf and you will get an exclusive accessory. You can also please your children by sewing an applique pattern with their favorite fairy-tale character on their mittens. Unleash your creativity and let your internal designer experiment. After all, remaking clothes is a fascinating process. Just remember the words of the great Coco Chanel: “Fashion changes, but style endures”.

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