4 Best Marketing Tips For Your Microblading Business


Microblading is more popular right now than ever before. Unfortunately, that applies to practitioners as well as clients. Does it feel like you have to fight tooth and nail for every client you get? Believe us, you’re not the first — and won’t be the last — to feel that pain. Forget expanding your business; sometimes you don’t even know how you’re going to keep it going at the level you’re already on.


This is when your marketing skills come to the fore. Don’t think you have any such skills? With all due respect, you’re wrong! It doesn’t take a degree in marketing and years of experience to give your eyebrow microblading business the boost it needs to thrive.


To help you out, we’ve assembled the four most crucial marketing tips for microblading entrepreneurs. Study them carefully and make them your own; your business will be growing before you know it. And remember, if you need to cultivate your core professional skills as well as your marketing skills, our comprehensive microblading courses are always open.

1) Find Your Microblade Niche And Own It


This is a bit of universal marketing advice that applies to any service industry business, not just microblading. A huge part of success comes from clarity about the market you’re offering your services to. You need to have a specific target market in mind and take steps to distinguish yourself to those specific customers. The more carefully you define your niche, the more you’ll stand out.


Zeroing in on your niche is easier than you might think. This is the key question that’ll make it easy for you: What sort of clients do you do your best work for? Then, follow that up with some more illuminating questions: What sort of clients do I most like working with? What sort of clients seem to find their way to me? Are there any clients that I actively want to stay away from?


After you’ve given these questions some thought, you’re well on your way to defining your niche. You’ll find it easy to convert your answers into marketing terms. Like doing eyebrows for working moms? You’re targeting upper-middle-class women between 30 and 40. Like working on men’s scalps? Specify that down to single men under 30. The particulars of your niche don’t matter half so much as honesty: Make sure you’re talking about people that you do your best work with.

2) Unlock The Power Of Video


Care to guess how much video YouTube streams every day? Try 500 million hours. Do you know how long it takes the world to upload as much video content as US TV networks created in their first 30 years? Just a single month. Do you know what fraction of all internet traffic consists of streaming video? It’s over a third.


It’s hard to find a more powerful marketing tool for your eyebrow microblading business than video. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the process of video creation. There are tons of video creation tools available that can simplify the process for you. Many of those tools are free, but our personal choice for professional video creation is Animoto. It does cost a modest amount, but it’s user-friendly and extremely powerful.


Your professional skills should provide you with tons of great video content ideas. Maybe you want to film a microblading procedure, or discuss the benefits, or share tips on getting through the recovery process faster — the possibilities are endless!


After your videos are made, the question becomes how to share them. And that question leads straight to our next tip …

3) Make Social Media Your Biggest Asset


You’re probably already aware that social media marketing is huge in the permanent cosmetics industry. Surveys show that fully 83 percent of all professionals in the industry engage in some form of social media marketing. That means you need to make sure your material stands out. There are two easy ways to do this: Produce the highest quality content you possibly can and make sure you’re sharing it on the right channels.


This is where studying your niche comes in handy. The better you know your ideal clients, the easier it’ll be to figure out which social media platforms you need to concentrate on.


Instagram might be your natural first thought. And it is a good fit with visual and video content and cosmetic topics in general. But make sure that’s actually where your target audience is spending its time. IG is great for targeting younger clients, along with Snapchat. If your niche clients are older, you need to focus on Facebook and Pinterest. And if you’re targeting the tech-savvy, get busy on Twitter.

4) Go The Extra Mile For Those Microblaiding Referrals


It’s not all about online marketing! Few things can do more for your business than positive word of mouth. Make a list of your current and former clients, and reach out to the satisfied ones about the idea of referring more people to you. Because you’re asking for a favor, it’s only right to offer an incentive in exchange. Don’t be stingy with these incentives; a solid referral is worth more to you than a coupon for $5 off!


As referrals come in, make sure to keep making the same incentive offer to them. This is called the “exponential referral” effect. If you provide good service and establish a solid rapport with your clients, you may be shocked at how quickly you can fill up your appointment calendar!


Make the most of these marketing tips and get your business growing!

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