Septum piercing is known to be one of the popular body piercings. Many people are engaged in this piercing due to its uniqueness and stylish look. Inappropriate conditions can be a great way to enhance your personality. However, apart from being pierced on the nose, the septum piercing can also be done with a ring or curved barbell. The choice is yours but there are so many benefits of wearing septum rings instead of simple studs or straight bars.

Here are some reasons why you should wear a Septum piercing Ring

1. Wider Wearing Area

The septum piercing ring is basically circular and shorter than the studs or straight bars of nose piercing. This gives it a wider area to wear since more skin area gets exposed to wear it. As it covers less area, you can easily wear this for long hours without any discomfort as compared with piercings which use studs or straight barbells. In general, most people feel uncomfortable wearing such types of jewelry on their noses as they press against the skin from inside if not placed properly. However, the ring has no sharp edges and provides enough space for your nose without touching your face from inside even when worn overnight.

2. Look

This will give you a different and stylish look in comparison with the studs or straight bars of nose piercings. As mentioned above, the septum piercing ring has a wider area to wear. In fact, you can wear it on any occasion when you have to attend formal events as well as when going out for parties or night outs if designed properly. Moreover, since there is nothing sharp about this type of jewelry, it looks quite decent in public and does not attract unnecessary attention.

septum piercing nose ring

3. Go Anywhere

Not only it gives a stylish look but also provides you the comfort to go anywhere without causing any pain to your nose from inside due to its larger wearing area on your nostrils. In addition, the ring doesn’t hurt at all when bent or twisted, which is not possible in the case of straight barbells. Moreover, you can even bend the ring in your desired shape to fit it perfectly on your nose without causing any harm.

4. Septum Piercing Ring Process

The septum piercing rings are also easy to wear and remove. You need not worry that these may fall off while changing clothes as they happen with studs and straight bars due to their weight and sharp ends. In fact, removing it is pretty simple if you’re about to take a bath or go swimming then cleaning will be no big deal at all if designed carefully. However, it’s always better to consult an expert piercer who has ample knowledge about such jewelry before getting this done on your nose.

5. Variety in Design

Septum piercing rings are available in a number of designs and you can choose anyone based on your choice and mood. Moreover, if designed carefully, it doesn’t cause any discomfort when bent or twisted which is not possible with studs or straight bars. The ring can be worn anywhere without causing pain to the wearer as well as those around him/her if worn by children during playtime or at daycare centers at school. In addition, there are many people who prefer wearing them even for early morning jogs or workouts due to their lightweight design which allows you to enjoy your favorite activities without worrying about their safety.

Septum piercing rings are gaining popularity due to their stylish and comfortable look. Hence, you should get it designed with care if you’re looking for a trendy and decent alternative to studs or straight bars which can’t be worn at the workplace or formal events such as weddings. Moreover, you need not worry about its safety when going out while traveling. Thus, wear the ring safely and enjoy your favorite activities to mark your presence in many social gatherings without worrying about people’s attention on this unique type of nose jewelry.

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