In recent years, a lot of precious stone traders have moved towards color diamonds trading as opposed to trading in the colorless range. This is mainly because of the rarity and high market value of colored diamonds.


When it comes to trading colored diamonds, such as pink diamonds, there are numerous factors to consider. Here are some important technical specifications for colored diamonds. It is crucial to ensure that all these pacifications are met before purchasing colored diamonds.


GIA certification 


The only way to ensure that you buy real diamond pieces is to ask for GIA certification. This will confirm that the colored diamond meets the recommended trade standards and that you are getting value for your money.


Diamond Clarity 


Diamonds that are of low clarity are harder to sell. This makes them the wrong choice for anyone looking to buy colored diamonds for the sole purpose of trading. The best commercial value when it comes to clarity of colored diamonds is VS2. It is understandable that sometimes fining VS2 grade colored diamonds is not always possible. Therefore, if you are looking at mid-range or lower colored diamonds, never go lower than VS1. For high-end diamonds, always insist on VS2 grade.


The diamond make and cut 


Most people confuse diamond cut with the diamond shape. The cut mostly refers to the polish quality. When looking at the cut, you need to check whether the diamond piece shines as it should as this dictates the clarity of the stone. If you are purchasing online, ensure that you as for a 360 degrees video to be able to examine the piece. It is also advisable to buy from reputable merchants such as Argle Diamond Investments. This ensures that what you see on the site is exactly what you get.


The shape of the diamond 


Some diamond shapes are more popular than others. This makes it easier to sell. As a trader, it is best to stay away from shapes such as triangles or kites and other irregular shapes. The marquise, heart-shaped, cushion cut, princess, and oval are the most common shapes and also the most sort after ones. Colored diamonds hardly come in a round shape because maintaining the color in a circular shape diamond is difficult. If you get around a colored diamond, it is more expensive than the other shapes.


The carats of the diamond


For lower-grade colored diamonds, it is essential to ensure they are at least 1.00 carat if you want them to remain marketable. For high end colored diamonds such as pink diamond, buyers are interested in smaller carats or even 0.15 or less. This is because high end colored diamonds are more expensive than the low-grade ones. This makes them more precious and less more available in the market. For instance, a 0.15ct pink diamond stone can cost tens of thousands per carat and will go off the market instantly.


With the tips above, you are better placed to make the right colored diamond investment choice. It is important to work with a diamond investment firm to be able to trade diamonds effectively. Argyle diamond investments have a colored diamond investment solution that will meet your needs.



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