Unwanted back hair is an unpleasant fact for millions of males worldwide. On average, most men clean themselves up once or twice a week. BAKBLADE was once just an idea made by a certain individual, which was put into action. The BAKBLADE makes the process of hair removal swift, simple, pain-free, and affordable.

You’ve got enough to worry about. Let BAKBLADE take care of your back. There are many alternatives out there but this tool was definitely one of the best. In this article, how BAKBLADE launched this body groomer for men will be discussed.

Who Founded It?

BAKBLADE’s founder is Matt Dryfhout, who wanted to have a better shaving experience after experiencing laser treatments, wax, and things alike. This is the main reason why he started to build his own tool, BAKBLADE.

He feels that there is something missing with the options he tried out and wants to fulfill that missing part when he made the BAKBLADE. He and his wife worked together to make this dream become reality. After which, he launched a body groomer for men. Today, it is one of the world’s best DIY back and body shavers.

How Did It Get Started?

With just $5,000, they began the company in 2012 and expanded gradually with lots of trial and error. It is true that they started small, and ended up big. They tweaked blade technology, gained trademarks and patents for intellectual property, and then went viral.

BAKBLADE is now in Bed Bath & Beyond, has distribution in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and sales of $10 million ended in 2018.

In 2016, with the goal of raising between $50,000 and $100,000, they planned to check crowdfunding for the release of BAKBLADE 2.0. They had 6,652 backers pledging $316,581 through their Kickstarter campaign, and they launched an Indiegogo campaign that raised $1,093,408.

They developed a video that went viral, too. Surprisingly, they had 35 million views overnight, and sites such as Business Insider, Yahoo, Mashable, and others for a collective 240 million views continued to pick it up.

This was a game-changer, but they were going to have to ship out 20,000-30,000 items in a quite short amount of time. It really drove them to search for a 3PL.

What To Hope For In The Future

Excitingly, there is more to come in the future. They will continue to broaden their product lines and will also introduce another version of the blade targeted at pregnant women and those with back issues or restrictions that prohibit shaving cream from being applied to their legs. Without the mess, this will give them away to shave in minutes.

Medical supply companies also became interested in the product and the market for the blades to create a subscription service.

They are pleased that they can trust a 3PL that has a great track record. Over the last few years, they have been very satisfied with ShipBob (who was in charge of shipping the products), and they look forward to continuing to build the relationship and seeing where the upcoming years are heading.


Since its launch, the BAKBLADE had gone viral on Kickstarter and it promised to free any man of his fuzz. It is essentially an ergonomic back razor that allows men to reach their backs and shave in the shower without the help of anyone else.

What’s not to like? The BAKBLADE is incredibly simple to use  since the special proprietary blade cartridges leave a smooth shave and are designed to minimize the possibility of cutting. Try this out now for a hairless and confident style.

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