When buying a notebook there must be 10,000 choices out there from a buck a piece right up to the $5 and more range. Given that you can spend a buck or two on a notebook why on Earth would you want a notebook that sets you back a $20 bill?

Form, function and style are the answer. When it comes to selecting a perfect notebook you need to consider what you want it for, how you’re going to use it and whether you want others to see you’re using it. 


A $1.50 notebook is going to have low GSM paper, which just doesn’t fit the bill when you are writing in it with a fountain pen. You’ll soon find bleed-through and ghosting on the pages beneath. 

You’re also likely to use a cheap notebook as a sort of one-use thing. If you’re spending money on a high quality notebook then that notebook is likely to be the sort where you are putting your thoughts down to review another time – it will sit in your archive and you will want it to last a long time when does sit out of sight. It may be reviewed multiple times, and that means it needs to be stitched and glued well for repeated reviews. 



Linked to form is function. Thoughts aren’t linear in most cases. The spider diagram is one of the oldest means of collecting thoughts and crystallising strategies. That’s why blank sheets are often better for you to both pen your linear statements and draw the contents of your mind. 

Many think pictorially, so a picture of what someone is speaking could well bring forth the truth better than writing down their literal words. 

This is why many of the best notepads are blank sheets, not lined. 


Whether a White House journalist or selling someone a high spec car, it helps to be seen to have the right equipment. Success breeds success. Being seen with a high quality notebook is as important as wearing the right watch, appropriate cufflinks or having the right pen. 

If you are into penmanship and carry a fountain pen then it isn’t likely to be a $10 piece is it? Then why have it writing in something of less style?!


A Suggestion…

Given the different choices we have discussed as to an ideal notebook, then why not try the Best Mens Journal For Writing – LeStallion Premium Leather Notebooks? With sustainably sourced, high GSM paper and made to last, these notebooks are designed with top quality in mind for your penmanship, jottings and mind maps. 

They also fit the bill where it comes to style. With their faux-leather cover and high grade stitching and glueing, using one is to make a statement. Sat down before someone, be it the President in the press room or the CEO or a company taking down their requirements for their dream car, you will inspire confidence simply by having the right equipment for the job!

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