When it comes to talking about sex, there’s a cliche that men shouldn’t be forthcoming about their issues. But this culture of secrecy and guardedness has obscured the truth:  a lot of men deal with sexual issues and simply aren’t talking about it. 40% of men will have some form of erectile dysfunction by the age of 40. After the age of 40, the rates gradually go up. Despite being a lot more common than one might think, men are less likely to go to the doctor to seek treatment or help. It’s time for men to be more open to embracing the practical, efficient solutions to this problem.

There are plenty of reasons as to why a man might experience erectile dysfunction. These reasons can either be psychological and physical. According to a study done by the University of Cambridge, 20% of men will experience some form of psychological impotence in their lifetime. Psychological reasons behind erectile dysfunction include anxiety, depression, relationship turmoil, PTSD, and stress. For these cases, men shouldn’t be prescribed ED medication. Instead, they should look into talking to a therapist and connecting with other people with similar issues.

Though psychological issues are prevalent and undoubtedly can be significant, the majority of ED cases stem from medical and physical reasons. Since ED can be an early indicator of a serious health issue, it’s recommended that men consult with a physician. Medical conditions that could lead to chronic ED include Parkinson’s disease, high cholesterol, heart disease, insomnia, prostate cancer, and more.  In addition to those issues, your ED could stem from a testosterone deficiency. If that’s the case, your doctor can administer hormone therapy.

Having a fulfilling sex life is an important aspect of staying healthy. And if you’re in a relationship, chronic erectile dysfunction can be an unfortunate hurdle that can stop you and your partner from fully experiencing intimacy. You should look into changing lifestyle. Smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods have all been linked to ED. But if your ED persists regardless of your lifestyle changes, it could be time to look into prescription medication.

There are a plethora of prescription medications out there that treat ED. These medications include: Tadalafil (Cialis), Sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra),  and Avanafil (Stendra). The most popular medication is Sildenafil. But how does it work?

Though there’s a lot of mystique surrounding maintaining a strong erection, it comes down to simple biology. When you’re aroused, blood flows to your penis and results in an erection. If you’re experiencing ED, it could very well be an issue regarding blood flow. Originally intended to be a high blood pressure medication, Sildenafil relaxes blood vessels and results in firmer erections. In 1998, the drug was approved by the FDA for ED purposes. For over 70% of men who take it, the medication results in improved erections. Sildenafil works within thirty minutes to an hour of consuming it and can assist with erections for up to 5 hours. The generic of Sildenafil comes in 20 mg with doses prescribed based on the severity of your case or how you react to the medication.

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