Industrial weighing scales are essential tools used in various applications. Just like any industrial device, there are many kinds of industrial scales used according to the requirements of the application. One of the most common types of industrial weighing scale is a floor scale. It is versatile and offers a high capacity perfect for measuring the weight of large objects. An industrial weighing scale is a typical fixture found in many warehouses and factories.

Choosing the right industrial floor scale

Industrial weight scales are supposed to be versatile and durable. In selecting the right floor scale for the intended use, here are several tips:

  • Select an industrial floor scale with adequate pan size. The size of the pan translates to how well the scale can accommodate containers and crates of varying sizes and shapes. Although the instinct is to select a weighing scale with a bigger pan, you also need to consider the available space. If the area is limited, make sure that there is adequate room to operate the scale. Choose a pan that you can store in a container or under pallets after use.
  • Choose the appropriate scale capacity. You need to take into account the varying needs and the range of measurement capabilities required to accommodate it. There are some instances when you may need to weigh large objects simultaneously. Consider the maximum and minimum weighing capacity needed before choosing a floor scale.
  • Additional functions and features. Choose an industrial weight scale with other features depending on what you need. Some additional features include the capability of the scale to count objects which is useful for inventory. For agriculture and livestock applications, on the other hand, it is vital that the weighing scale allows for adding accessories to weigh live animals safely.
  • The location where the scale will be used. Most industrial floor scales need to operate in open areas with a flat surface. There should be enough room for the scale as well as the objects that need weighing. To ensure safety, the space should be free of any hazardous objects.
  • Do you require multiple types of industrial weight scales? Most industrial buyers recommend investing in more than one industrial weight scale for the best For example, aside from a floor scale, you can also use it in combination with a bench scale which allows for weighing objects in smaller increments. This is worth considering if the intended application involves retail and wholesale distribution as there may be a need to weigh smaller amounts of the same object.

Industrial weight scales are a significant investment for any business. Apart from choosing the scale according to the essential parameters mentioned above, you also need to consider the quality of the product you are buying carefully. Industrial scales need to be durable and made using high-quality materials. In choosing a product or brand, take time to learn about the manufacturer’s background. You may also want to look into other benefits such as the repair and return policy offered by the seller.

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