Leather can be beautiful and durable but can also crack, scratch, and peel. The materials used to create leather are prone to damage over time. This damage can affect the look and feel of your leather products. So what should you do to maintain your leather bags? 

Read on for some tips to keep your bags looking -and feeling- their best for years to come!

What Not To Do To Your Leather Bag

Below are 9 things you should never do to your leather bags to keep them in great condition for a long time.

1. Scrubbing Too Hard

If you need to remove a stain, do so gently with a soft cloth, don’t scrub too hard. Chemicals and hard brushes can damage the leather’s surface and make it look older than it is.

Also, keep heat away from your leather bags when cleaning them, as it could damage the material over time. No one wants to be forced into buying new bags every few years because of poor maintenance. 

2. Storing Them In a Closet Without A Dust Bag

If you have multiple bags, you probably have a closet to store all your prized items. But did you know that dust bags are essential to protecting your bag from dust and dirt? It may seem counterintuitive at first. After all, who doesn’t want to display their gorgeous bags? 

It is much more complicated than that. If you don’t use these dust bags regularly (which most people don’t), your leather bag can sustain damage over time.

3. Overstuffing Them

When carrying a leather bag, it’s important to remember that this is not a shopping cart. You don’t want your bag to look like an overstuffed messenger bag or backpack. 

Instead, keep everything as close together and organized as possible, and avoid putting heavy things in the pockets or sides of your purse. Overstuffing your purse can cause damage to the leather and make it uncomfortable for you when carrying it around.

4. Leaving It Out In The Sun

Leaving your leather bag outside in the sun can be a big mistake. Leather absorbs the UV light and causes it to fade, especially if you leave it in the sun for long periods. As a substance, leather contains some moisture, which gives it its softness. Long-term exposure to sunlight will cause it to dry up, eventually resulting in material splitting. 

Therefore, avoid keeping leather goods in direct sunlight or drying them out under the sun if they ever become wet. It would be preferable to let it dry naturally without using any additional heat. If you need to replace your leather bag or make a new investment, check out this link https://teddysinclair.com/ for quality leather bags.

5. Using Household Products To Clean Them

Do not use typical household products to clean your leather bag. Leather is a unique material due to its distinctive texture and color. Even if your household cleaners may work wonderfully for other materials and even the floors. Despite its well-known resilience, regular cleaning will eventually cause it to lose its color and vigor.

Chemical detergents can harm and weaken the fiber over time. Don’t be shocked to discover cracks and unsightly lines within a few months. On the other hand, leather cleaning agents are created specifically to facilitate cleaning without fading or diminishing the material’s elegance.

Only use a quality leather cleaner specifically for leather bags and accessories. If accidentally some ink gets on your bag, the best thing to do is wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth.

6. Using A Plastic Bag To Store It

When you buy a leather bag, it’s important to keep it clean. One of the simplest methods is using a dust bag or pouch when storing your bag in a closet. If possible, avoid storing your bag in plastic bags!

Plastic bags can cause stains on some types of leather and may even damage its appearance over time. Plastic bags are also bad for keeping moisture away from your leather bag. They’re meant for single-use only and should never be reused with other items, such as food or clothing (which could potentially transfer onto the stored item).

7. Squeezing The Bags Next to Each Other 

Storing your leather bags separate from other items is a good idea, as they are sensitive to oils and scents. For example, if you have two leather purses, it’s best not to stack them on top of each other.

It could leave a mark if one bag’s metalwork touches another. Additionally, avoid leaving anything on top of patent leather because the color will transfer to whatever is next to it.

Leather also tends to pick up dirt and dust over time so keep them away from other items that might attract dirt or dust (like shoes).

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8. Keeping Them Around Sharp Materials 

If you have a leather bag, it’s important to keep sharp objects away from the material. Sharp objects can damage the leather and cause severe damage over time. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Knives 
  • Scissors with blades that are too long or short for your bag
  • Nail files and other tools

9. Not Removing Stains Immediately 

Accidents happen, and you could spill something on your prized bag. The stain may become permanent if you don’t take prompt care to remove it. Since cleaning agents with powerful chemicals can harm leather, a good leather restoration kit is the only ideal option. This will include a protective agent or other leather cleaning supplies that will help you remove the stain without doing so.

Stains are the enemy of leather, and if you’re lucky enough to notice them before they get worse, it’s best to remove them as soon as possible. Don’t use anything harsh on your bag. This could include rubbing alcohol or other chemicals that may damage the material over time. 


All things considered, leather is one of the most durable materials for making bags. But that doesn’t mean it’s immune to all wear and tear – even the slightest damage can have a huge impact on the appearance and quality of your bag. With this guide, we’ll be covering ways to take care of your leather messenger bag so you can prevent unnecessary damage & wear in its lifetime.

Follow these tips if you want a new-looking leather bag without spending too much money on new ones or replacing them completely.





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