Christmas is a time for shopping gifts and all the goodies for family and friends. As a parent, you shop for a good number of toys and gadgets for your kids and teens every year. But do they always last long? Are they worth the money and effort you spend on them? Many a time the answer for the question is a NO.

Mostly, kids forget their gift within a few days or end up breaking them before the Christmas fever even ends. So here I have shared some amazing gift ideas for parents that they can make use of while shopping for their young buddies this festive season.

1. Ticket packages
How about buying a gift that lasts a year long? Yes, it sounds wonderful, right? So here is your chance to buy a yearly subscription of tickets for different shows and events. Again, it can be better than simply buying a single deal.

Most of the time yearly subscriptions are cheaper and you may even get the chance to enjoy some perks in the form of better parking, better seats, etc. Find the subscription based on the kid’s age group so that they can enjoy it well.

2. It’s time to shave after November
Most of the teens these days follow a ‘No shave November’. So buy them a hamper of shaving supplies like razors, lotions, brushes and others from some well-known brands. Trust me this can be an ultimate gift for your teen as well as for their dads. To add more spice to it, you can even buy spa tickets and let them have an amazing shaving experience this Christmas.

3. Recipes of love
We all love those amazing cake recipes of our grandma or the spicy chicken soup from Aunt Martha! So why not ask everyone to write down the recipe of their special treats and make copies of them. Let it reach every extended family and let the mums gear up & try them for the little ones?

4. T-shirt quilt
If your kids have some favorite t-shirts that they have outgrown then convert them into a quilt. Your kid can use it now as well as even after five years. One size for all time. If you are not that well equipped with the stitching task, get some professional help and ta da… you are reading with an amazing gift!

5. Join the annual membership program
Zoos, museums, and local attractions like aquariums mostly offer annual memberships to the people. Most of the memberships come with some deals and complimentary passes. If your kid loves visiting those places why not invest in them this Christmas?

6. What’s new in the market
Every year shoppers come with something new to attract the kids and teens. You can even check the online stores and look for different options. You can easily find one if you are out of ideas and by implementing some other deals and offer for M&S, Tesco.

7. Framed memento
The first handmade card from your kid or train tickets from the first family holidays – all can turn out to be an amazing memory to recall this Christmas. Again, your kids or teens would love to know that how important the event or gift was for you!

Remember gifting is all about spreading happiness. So a bit of research and hard work will definitely pay off in the end. So this Christmas, make sure to try out any of these gifting tips and you are sure to win their little hearts.

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