Gift giving is very easy if you know the receiver personally, and you know what they want to get. Gifts are symbols of your thoughtfulness and your love for the person. There are so many gift ideas you can look into if someone is celebrating a milestone or an occasion. If a particular event is coming up and you need some gift inspiration, you may heed our advice. See below on how you can make an occasion more special and memorable with your gift.

Personalised items

The best thing to give someone is something that you thought of yourself. Know what they really want without letting them know what you are planning. Ask their family and friends and bring their ideas to fruition. One thing you can give is personalised handprint jewellery. This type of gift is best for people who have small children. You can have their child’s handprint made into an elegant piece of jewellery. You can also personalise other stuff such as bags, pillows, towels and so much more. Besides, if you prefer custom apparel, like custom Hawaiian shirts, you can design for your own from the store like Hyperfavor, they have a wide range of custom features for you to choose from.

Homemade food

If you are into baking or cooking, put your talent to good use by whipping up that particular person’s favourite dish. It can be a cake, cookies, muffins, casseroles and a lot more. Know their ultimate guilty pleasure and surprise them with a bowl or tray of their go-to food. This will make the occasion more memorable.


Short on cash but you want to treat them to a relaxing massage? You can make a personalised gift certificate where the receiver will get an hour’s worth of massage by you. Stock up on their favourite oil scent and set up a spa-like room in your house or their house. They will thank you for an hour of pampering that they genuinely need. If you have money to spare, you may buy a voucher from their favourite restaurant or coffee shop so that they can indulge in their guilty pleasure, thanks to you. You can also give them a coupon for a house cleaning service, to let them off their daily routine of cleaning their house.

Plane tickets

These may be a little pricier, but the gift of travel is one of the most underrated gifts you can give to someone. Travelling is one way to enrich someone’s knowledge of foreign culture, traditions and worldly experience. Are they dreaming of going overseas to visit exotic locations? Be on the lookout for cheap fares and book them ASAP.

The thing with giving someone who seemingly has everything is to know what they like and need; you have to involve yourself with them. Get to know the person and see if you can provide them with just the thing they desire. Giving a well-thought-of gift, even if it does not cost much, is way better and more unique than going into a store and picking up the first thing you see without considering if the person will appreciate it.


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