Besides Netflix, home renovation videos, organization tips, and room tours are all we have been watching these days. So, when an influencer we follow drops their walk-in closet tour, we couldn’t help but want to have one of our own. But, with the tiny spaces that some of us may have, a separate shoe closet may not always be possible. The next best thing we can do is to maximize the space that we have and figure out an organizing system that works for you.

From labeled plastic bins to drawers and multi-functional furniture such as a shoe storage bench, there are plenty of ways to keep your shoes streamlined and easy to find.

Why You Should Store Your Shoes Properly

Shoes are your hardest working accessories, and they don’t come cheap either. Storing them properly is key to keeping them supple and wearable for years, thus saving you money. But, more than that, proper storage is also necessary to keep them accessible when you’re searching for the right shoes to pair with your outfit.

There’s little point in keeping your shoes in the most pristine condition if you have to sift and rummage through your collection every time you are going out. It is not only inconvenient but can also damage your sneakers and shoes in the long run.

How Do You Organize Shoes in a Small Space?

Like any good organizational strategy, organizing your shoes starts with decluttering. Take a proactive approach and follow the steps below to sort out your shoes and ready them for storage.

1. Declutter

Take inventory of all your shoes—toss away the ones that are already beyond repair or you no longer like. Sort the remaining shoes into pairs and group similar styles together: heels, sneakers, boots, etc. You may want to examine your shoes as you go, keeping an eye out for the ones that require repair or any extra attention.

2. Clean

Because all shoes are different, each will require different storage and cleaning solutions. For example, leather shoes will have to be conditioned and polished to prevent them from getting brittle and cracked in the long term. Canvas sneakers and rubber shoes tend to be a bit more forgiving as you can wash them with your regular detergent. Soak the rubber portion of your shoes in a mild cleaning solution to break up any caked-on dirt and grime, and brush it afterward.

3. Protect for Long-Term Storage

Shoes tend to deform and become stiff when they spend too long in storage without support. To avoid this, store your shoes properly anytime you take them off. For shoes that will be off your feet for more than a week, stuff them up with cedar shoe trees or acid-free paper. These options will help absorb any damaging moisture, deodorize your shoes, and deter pests at the same time.

There are many other ways to store your shoes properly, but the bottom line is that you have to keep them clean, shapely, and dry. In that case, which shoe storage solution you will use will also come to play.

Small-Space Shoe Storage Options

When planning to store your shoes for the long term, you have to use a durable container to pack your shoes in. Below are some of the options that will work best for your small-space situation.

Original Shoe Boxes

The cardboard boxes in which your shoes were originally packaged are a zero-cost solution to store your shoes. They stack neatly and uniformly, and with their labels, it would be easy to find the pair you are looking for. But, while they look neat, the material can also be flimsy. They also get damaged when wet and can also attract rodents and pests.

Plastic Boxes

These storage options are similar to shoe boxes, except that they are made of plastic and, therefore, are sturdier and can stack high. Most options are clear, thus allowing you to see what’s inside. But, because they are plastic, their tight-locking lids can trap moisture and damage your shoes. As a precaution, make sure to dry your shoes thoroughly before storage and put silica gel packets inside to prevent moisture buildup.

Shoe Organizers

There’s a wide range of affordable shoe organizers you can buy online, and you’re sure to find one that matches your specific needs. Think of over-the-door organizers, tiered shoe racks, or hanging shoe organizers—these options provide you the much-needed storage for your shoes while taking up zero to minimal floor space.

Storage Furniture

Small-space organizing is all about maximizing your storage space. Whether you want to stash out-of-season shoes when the weather changes or keep your most-used shoes accessible, a smart storage furniture piece can corral your footwear into a standardized system.

A shoe storage bench, for example, is a piece of multi-use furniture that can function as both storage and seat. You can place it by the front door to keep the shoes you use daily in an easily accessible spot. Here, you can also put on or take off your shoes with ease using a bench.

Gray closet shelves full of fashion female shoes on heels pair storage organization of cupboard

When you are organizing your shoes in your home, the right shoe storage will depend on the types and number of shoes you have, the amount of space available, and how long you are storing your shoes.

For example, while shoe hangers and trees are great at keeping your shoes organized and off the floor, they can distort their silhouette and stretch the uppers over time. It means that while these items are nifty, they are not meant for long-term storage. Save them for your running shoes and other footwear you use often.


Learning how to organize shoes can help you reduce the clutter in your home and make them easy to locate. Now that you know the basics, why not explore your options in shoe storage bench? See how it can help you enjoy a clean and organized home in no time.

How do you organize your shoes at home? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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