It takes years to sculpt the body of your dreams. The drive and determination to strive for better. Changing your diet and programme in a bid to make a better you.You make progress and start to see some great results. Your shoulders and back become wider while your waist tucks.

After this point you start to upgrade your wardrobe to fit your hard earned physique. This can be a frustrating time for any area of clothes shopping, but especially for shirts. You’ve made all that progress at the gym but your shirt tells a different story.

Sure, it might fit fine around the arms, and maybe the chest, but to get the right fit for your muscular shape you’ve probably been left with plenty of extra material around the waist. Not only does it look sloppy, it hides all that effort you’ve put in to achieving that V-shaped physique.

So what’s a muscular guy to do? Are muscle fit shirts the answer?


What is a Muscle Fit Formal Shirt?

Muscle fit formal shirts (UK) or athletic fit dress shirts (US) have soared in popularity over recent years. In the last ten years, the number of gyms in the UK alone has grown by 64 per cent. With the average man resistance training at least twice a week.

Unsurprisingly, in the world of instagram and growing fitness community, muscle fit dress shirts are now found in most major retailers. A muscle fit shirt is cut closer to the body than a slim fit shirt but the material is designed with a slight bit of stretch to it, which results in more freedom of movement.


Smart Muscle Fit Shirts: The Problem

However, a muscle fit shirt is often cut exactly the same in the arms as a slim fit shirt, which means there’s generally not enough comfort where it matters. After all, most athletic builds have large arms, and these can often be difficult to accommodate in any kind of close fitting shirt.

Remember due to the popularity in muscle fit shirts and their prominence in high street retailers. There is still a need to cater for a range of larger gentlemen whether it be the bulky rugby player to the lean physique competitor. This can result in the middle ground that becomes unsuitable for clothes to fit bodybuilders.

The shirts are cut in a way to provide more room for the thicker waist which results in billowing or that dreaded muffin top! Most athletic guys will want to avoid this, particularly if they favour a closer fit elsewhere in the shirt. Having to take your shirt to a tailor is the last thing you want to be doing.

Spray on shirts aren’t ideal. Especially shirts with the bursting buttons.

If you’ve put the time and dedication into your workouts, the discipline with your diet, it’s understandable you’d want to show off what you have achieved. But there is a fine line and if you take the tightness too far you can kill the look you’re trying to go for. It isn’t necessary to wear a shirt that shows what you had for lunch, you want to achieve a subtle look that speaks volumes.


The TAPERED Fit Solution:

Muscle shirts for guys were designed for the masses, they don’t take into account those who take pride in their physique and who doesn’t want to go unnoticed.

They do allow for slight stretch in the material, but if you have a V taper physique this doesn’t eliminate the fabric billowing around the waist. A brand new solution to this problem is to choose the TAPERED Fit shirt designed by Tapered Menswear, their own spin on the muscle fit shirt. Their muscle defining, Tapered Fit Shirts were specifically designed for the V taper physique.

Imagine a shirt that fits your athletic build perfectly without being too tight at the shoulders or too loose at the waist. Imagine not struggling each time you shop for your muscular physique. Imagine being able to spend more time at the gym and less time (and money) at the tailors.

Tapered Menswear commented “Our need to help you find a perfectly fitted shirt was born out of our own struggles. Like all muscular guys, we struggled to find physique-enhancing, proportional dress shirts that are ready to perform and ready to wear. We don’t compromise on quality or style either which is why our TAPERED fit shirts are crafted from the finest stretch cotton materials. With a subtle logo on the wrist and details on the buttons, our shirts are elegant, sophisticated and the result of extreme attention to detail.”

Shop their exclusive range of Tapered Fit Shirts. Designed to be extraordinary for the athletic man who is anything but ordinary


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