You do not want to let down your basketball team during a competition. With this in mind, you will want to ensure that you have the best shoes for basketball, besides keeping in pace with the practice. However, basketball shoes are not created the same to meet the needs of different players. So, how do you ensure that you buy the right shoes so that you do not interfere with your performance? Listed below are the factors that you must consider so that you can buy the right pair.

Anatomy of the basketball shoe:

Before we begin, it is worth knowing that a basketball shoe has three main parts. These include the upper, midsole, and outsole, and each of these parts play different roles to ensure that you get performance during the game.

  1. The upper

When considering the upper construction, note that basketball shoes come in different heights. These include high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops. For this reason, you must choose a basketball shoe with a type of upper that you will be comfortable with.

  • High ankle shoes:

These shoes have an upper that wraps the ankle completely. The benefit of this is an extra layer of stability and support. As a result, high-tops are suitable for centers and forwards who need more protection and support as a result of the constant jumping. However, note that the extra support and cushioning come with an extra weight that these players have to bear.

  • Mid ankle collar:

If you need a basketball shoe that will provide some coverage without sacrificing flexibility, you might want to get mid-top shoes for basketball. Mid-tops have an upper material that sits at the ankle level without providing an all-enclosing coverage. As a result, these shoes can provide the protection of high ankle shoes and the responsiveness of low-ankle shoes, which makes them suitable for shooting guards and small forwards.

  • Low ankle shoes:

I would recommend low ankle shoes for basketball players who need speed and agility during the game. These shoes feature a low-profile design, which means that they provide little to no ankle support. The shoes are the least strenuous, enabling them to provide point guards and shooting guards with a comfortable ride.

  1. The midsole

The midsole is the part of the shoe that integrates the cushioning. This part is critical to any basketball shoe since it determines the ability of the shoe to absorb shock for the user’s comfort. Midsoles can integrate different types of foam with EVA being the lighter option and polyurethane being more dense and durable.

  1. The outsole

The outsole is the part that determines the basketball’s shoe traction. This part can be made of synthetic material or rubber. For the best performance, I would recommend that you purchase a shoe with an outsole that features a herringbone or hexagonal pattern for an added grip. Besides that, a flat and wide outsole is worth it for more stability and maximum balance. Do not forget about durability as a result of the rough court. So, opt for shoes for basketball with durable outsoles.

Other factors that you must consider:

  1. Type of closure

Which closure technique does the basketball shoe adopt? Laces are the most popular type of closures, but some shoes integrate hook-and-loop closures, straps, and sippers. Therefore, determine the type of closure you will be comfortable with for optimal performance.

  1. Your position during the game

Well, basketball shoes are not created equally to fit the needs of different players. So, which is the best basketball shoe for shooting guards, all-around players, or forwards? Let’s have a look.

  • Shooting guards: The position of the guards requires quick movements, which means that these players will need a lightweight shoe for basketball to protect them from straining their feet. As a result, they should opt for low-top basketball shoes.
  • All-around players: All-around players are players who can play in multiple positions in the game. These players need shoes for basketball that will provide some ankle support while providing them the flexibility and comfort that is needed while moving around. As a result, they should opt for mid-top basketball shoes for optimal flexibility.
  • Forwards: Power forwards and centers must command the paint since they are usually the best rebounders of the team. As a result, the players require basketball shoes that provide additional support and coverage, the reason I would recommend high-top basketball shoes for them.


For the best basketball game performance, you will need shoes that provide an excellent fit, support, comfort, and a good grip without sacrificing aesthetics. Therefore, ensure that you factor in all the features discussed in this article before purchasing your basketball shoes for the best value for money.

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