When most people think of Florida, they think of sunshine and holiday fun. So, it should come as no surprise that 2019 saw tourism records smashed once again, with over 125 million visitors spending vacation time in the state. Florida has something for everyone, including endless beaches and sparkling waters on three sides, legendary theme parks, some of the world’s best shopping and countless other attractions of every kind.


Nature Becoming a Major Draw


The top draw remains the incredible array of theme parks in and around the city of Orlando. However, Florida’s exotic and diverse natural habitats are also becoming major draws, including tours of the famous Everglades region, with its delicate yet fascinating eco-system. Or a string of islands known as The Florida Keys, that you can drive along like steppingstones, and reach far out into the Caribbean Sea, the end point just ninety miles away from the island of Cuba.


Diverse History and Culture


What surprises many people is Florida’s diverse history and culture, including being home to the oldest city in the US, Saint Augustine. Then there’s the state’s Seminole Indian tribe, which features casinos on its reservations, where you can play traditional games or do it all online with a variety of bitcoin casinos in the US. Space cadets love the historic Kennedy Space Center, and Florida is also headquartering of the world famous Ringling Brothers circus.


Florida Means Vacation Value


Florida also offers a huge array of outdoor activities, including everything from world-class surfing along several Atlantic coast beaches, some of the best golf courses to be found anywhere, as well as top-rated deep-sea fishing. Combining these exciting adventures with the burgeoning luxury hotel and spa sector has resulted in a whole new profit center for the state’s tourism industry. The attractions listed above make for some of the best vacation options in the world, but the number the one reason people choose to spend their holiday in the great state of Florida can be summed up in a single word: value.


Book as Early as Possible


Since families make up a huge portion of Florida’s visitors, good value is crucial when planning your vacation. The same old advice never changes. Make your plans as early as possible. The further ahead you book, the cheaper the prices. In fact, if you book far enough into the future, you could easily end up with discounts of 50% or more over the prices you would get a couple of weeks beforehand. As travel agents always say, book three months or more before your holiday and you will be rewarded with massive savings. The tourism business loves early bookings.


Important Driving Tips in Florida


Some important things to remember while driving in Florida, always carry your driver’s license and your rental car contract. In Florida, you are allowed to turn right on a red light but make sure that you come to a complete stop, check there is no traffic coming and no signs saying “No Turn on Red.” Your headlights have to be on in the rain. On freeways, don’t drive in the passing lane unless you are passing. As for tipping, make sure you tip hotel porters and waiting staff at restaurants. The standard tip for porters is $1 per bag, while servers and taxi drivers get 15 percent of the total bill.


Florida Holidays Mean Great Value


Finally, there’s the weather. The best time to visit Florida is in the winter months but it’s also the busiest season; remember what we said about booking well in advance, especially if you want to spend Christmas and New Year at Orlando’s famous theme parks. They are packed that time of year. Overall, Florida’s highly developed tourism industry makes having a wonderful time very easy and great value. Plan well ahead, be careful while driving, remember to tip appropriately and you’re sure to have a great time no matter what adventures you get up to in the always welcoming Sunshine State.


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