According to Podcast Insights, there are over two million active podcasts in 2021 worldwide. With such a wide range of offerings on the table, there’s an ideal podcast for any listener regardless of their interests.

Podcasts cover topics from film and fashion to the latest in business and technology, bringing listeners closer to industry pros and innovators. With many people strapped for time, podcasts are a great way for people living on the go to learn something new. Most shows make it easy to pick up a new interest (or expertise) while handling life’s day-to-day tasks.

Ready to dive into some of the most intriguing and educational podcasts? The following list recounts the top ten ‘learning while listening’ shows to tune into while on a work commute, doing weekly laundry, or just when bored.

The Grid with Jennifer Shahade

Most poker podcasts cover strategy and tactics, while some others explore the lifestyle that many pros lead. The Grid with Jennifer Shahade is a different take. Shahade deep dives on each possible combination in no-limit Texas Hold’em, which adds up to 169 hands. She does this with style, bringing in some of the most famous characters from the world of poker. Her latest guests include Isabelle Choko and Shirin Oskooi.

Freakonomics Radio

Hosted by award-winning journalist Stephen Dubner, the Freakonomics podcast delves into an array of interesting topics from a socio-economic perspective. From learning how to sleep better to American individualism, the weekly show provides scientific analysis of seemingly mundane issues while maintaining a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

The Psychology of Video Games

Host of The Psychology of Video Games Jamie Madigan has a Ph.D. in psychology and loves playing video games. By using a mix of scholarship and entertainment, the show offers a unique insight into what makes a fun game design, intriguing character development, and successful story plots.

State of the Hack

State of the Hack is like a nonfiction version of Black Mirror for podcast listeners. The show uses elements of forensic psychology, criminology, and cyber technology to narrate true stories of digital crime and cyber espionage. With an average length of 35 minutes, episodes avoid being too heavy while still being binge-able.

Red Carpet Rookies

This one is for all the film buffs out there. Red Carpet Rookies offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience of Hollywood’s famous cinematic masterpieces. The show brings in legends of the film industry such as the production designer from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars makeup artist, and Gladiator set decorator.

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Spanish is the perfect way to learn a new language while completing dull household chores and running day-to-day errands. With a variety of specialized features from beginner to advanced, this show takes you on a virtual journey to Northern France, Germany, and Spain, along with many more countries.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Some health and wellness podcasts may feel gimmicky or cliché, while others regurgitate the obvious. Happier with Gretchen Rubin presents a unique outlook on life. It uses scientifically backed research to suggest ways in which people can be happier, healthier, and at their overall best. Rubin is also the author of several bestselling books, has appeared on Oprah, and worked with the Dalai Lama.

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Arguably one of the best fashion podcasts, Dressed: The History of Fashion takes a deep dive into the social and cultural significance of the most iconic moments in fashion. Brought to you by renowned fashion historians, April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary, the podcast uncovers the artistic design behind some of the most popular styles in fashion and clothing today.


This show is ideal for long-time geeks who are looking for an all-female hosting cast. Leading experts, Christina Warren from Mashable, revolutionary video game developer Brianna Wu, and tech-enthusiast Simone de Rochefort join in. The group creates hour-long episodes in which they discuss the latest in tech gadgets, comic books, and video game releases.

How I Built This

There are a few distinct qualities that separate a strong leader from an average manager. In “How I Built This”, listeners are taken back in time to the making of the world’s leading companies. Radioshow host and co-creator Guy Raz uses his expertise to get his guests to share their missteps, trials and tribulations on their way to running a successful business.

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