Advancements in modern technologies have made it easier for people to manage tasks efficiently. ACE Money Transfer is one of the emerging international remittance service providers. It allows you to send money to Pakistan with just a few clicks. In collaboration with Bank Alfalah, ACE Money Transfer provides amazing gifts to the valued customers. This offer is for both sender and receiver after the transaction is made.

Create a Free Account on the Portal of ACE Money Transfer 

Customers can sign up for free on You will need to complete the signup form. Activate your account using the confirmation email.

Login and Select Payment Category

Once the account is created and activated, you can sign in using your email and password. The customers can select the sending and receiving country from the list of available countries. Choose the method of payment types such as Cash Pickup, Bank, Bill Payment, and Mobile Top-up. Let’s briefly discuss the ways you can send money to Pakistan from the UK.

Cash Pickup

Customers can opt from the list of available payout partners for sending cash payments. The receiver will be able to collect the cash from affiliated bank networks in Pakistan.

Bank Deposit

The customer can pick a Bank as the mode of payment for the international remittance. The amount will be deducted from the bank account of sender and will be directly credited into account of the beneficiary.

Online Transfer of Funds

The easy and swift mode of transferring a direct payment is the online transfer of funds. Now you can also manage the direct credit of funds directly into the account of the beneficiary in just a few clicks.

Bill Payment

You can also take advantage of bill payments in Pakistan. Customers will need to select billing companies as the payout partner based on their convenience. Just provide the consumer id and nickname of the bill owner. ACE Money Transfer will handle the rest of your worries.

Mobile Top-up

Are you thinking about sending a mobile top-up for your loved ones in Pakistan? Just select the ‘Mobile top-up’ method of payment. Enter the mobile number and the nickname of the beneficiary.

Transfer Money from the UK to Pakistan using Smart Mobile Application

ACE Money Transfer presents a successful smart mobile application that enables speedy and instant transfer of funds in just seconds. Now you can manage to send money to Pakistan with the aid of our innovative and technology-oriented mobile application.

Bank Alfalah- Rapid Remittance Services

One of the well renowned Bank Alfalah has remarkably flourished in the sector of international remittances. Now you can enjoy countless advantages of receiving remittance with Bank Alfalah due to collaboration of ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah. Become a member and start enjoying the luxury of benefits.

Do not miss the opportunity to take multiple advantages of ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah. You can withdraw cash from any of the Bank Alfalah branches. No matter if it is a transfer of funds that you want or whether it is about paying your pending bills, it is easier for receivers.

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