Buying your first home is a very thrilling time to come. It ’s essential that you do not let anticipation lead to you falling for one of those every very first time home buyer errors.

Since you’re undergoing the process of buying a new house, if you have any concerns regarding making the right choice, don’t feel shy to ask your real estate broker, mortgage lender, or lawyers. The worst situation would be to make blunders and then not be able to buy a new house.

The following are the most common mistakes first-time homebuyers are making:

1. Not Consulting A Real Estate Agent.

Your real estate agent is by far the most critical figure you will rely on for supervision when you consider buying your first home. There are plenty of reasons for employing a real estate agent before purchasing a house, and one of the biggest home buyer’s first errors is not addressing it seriously.

First and probably most important, it’s necessary to understand that not every agent is the same. Choosing the right real estate agent is as crucial as getting yourself the perfect dwelling for yourself.

In order to make a fruitful first home purchase, people should know how to appoint an estate agent when purchasing a home. Most first time home buyers do not think twice while hiring an agent if they’re a colleague, a friend or relative, or just the first broker they meet in an open house. This could turn out to be a blunder. Most people believe that they can handle the entire process of buying a home for themselves under the supervision of a relative who has little knowledge about real estate.

Since purchasing your first house is such a huge deal, it’s essential that you take employing the right agent sincerely. Even if you have a friend or relative who is an agent or realtor, they must comprehend if you’d like to evaluate all your alternatives and meet a few different agents.    If you decide to work with different people at the end of the day, it should not raise an issue. It would be best if you considered selecting the right agent according to your requirements.

Having to buy your first house is a big deal, so knowing that an agent leads you through the entire process is incredibly critical. Not taking this procedure of picking the right agent seriously is a massive error.

2. Decision solely on the basis of neighborhood and emotions

This happens too often with people who are adamant about specific neighborhoods. It is understandable that you have eyes on a particular block and are dreaming of sending your children to the nearby school and hoping to live in that neighborhood that is close to your office. However, it is crucial to stay within your budget and not go against your plan just for the neighborhood. You should not stretch your budget for a house for the sake of the surroundings and neighborhood. You might get overwhelmed while making the decision, but you must stay calm, and look for other houses that are within your financial plan.

3. Home Inspection

When you commence the journey of purchasing your first house, the inspection phase is among the most critical stages of this process. Forgoing home inspection is among the worst first time home buyer blunders, there are very few factors why you should always consider doing so and never skip it.

Firstly, inspection is a smart way to stop yourself from purchasing a house that would wind up being a money trap. One of the main factors that a home inspection is strongly encouraged before you buy your first home is that a professional home inspector would be able to detect defects within the house.

For example, throughout their inspection, a home inspector may discover that there are substantial design problems or mold being present in the house. These are only a few red flags to look out before you purchase a home, so by getting an inspection done, you will prevent the risk of paying thousands of dollars to fix the defects!

4. Making significant financial modifications before closing

One of the most significant mortgage errors, whether anyone buys their first home or their fourth, is making significant financial modifications before closing. Needless to say, making financial alterations before closing is among the highest first time home buyer blunders and can be seen too often.

Why then do first-time homebuyers commonly make financial alterations before the closing? The single biggest reason is that they’re not informed or conscious that making financial modifications before closing can put their mortgages at risk. Many first-time buyers slip into the misconception that if they’ve been reviewed and approved, they’re sure to get the loan, which would be the farthest from the facts.

Once you purchase your first house, if you’re going to adjust your finances, contact your loan advisor before you do so. Very often, a buyer gets a credit card or a brand new vehicle right before closing, which may result in a mortgage getting rejected after pre-approval.


Author Bio: Jennifer is an editor and author at nyrentownsell– a leading real estate company in New York.

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