The transition from traditional casinos to digital shops online led to different transformations in the gaming industry. It wasn’t just a location change; it affected payment, a variety of games, and a lot more. A good number of players now access casinos using smartphones. Interestingly, mobile payment has become the preference of many players. The Guardian posits that cash transactions will be reduced to 7% by 2024. The pandemic also encouraged people to engage in more mobile transactions.

Mobile payment has become the choice of gamblers for many reasons. A large percentage of casino players pay with phone bill casino while gambling. Their choice of mobile payment is attributed to some factors. There are many benefits if using e-wallets and other mobile payments.

Benefits of mobile payment

Mobile payments are thriving at a faster pace. Undoubtedly, it is the most used payment option on online gambling platforms. The following are reasons behind its popularity;

  • Convenience

The fundamental reason mobile payment is the choice of most gamblers is its convenience. Using phones for payment is as easy as ABC. Making payment via your phone isn’t a big deal to players. It is your phone, and no technicality is involved.

The first time may require you to create an account and link your card. Then, you have one less thing to walk around with, and that is your card. While some mobile payments require a pin, some make use of OTP. This means that you may not need to cram and make use of your pin all of the time.

  • It is secure

Security is an utmost concern when it comes to money. You must be careful not to put your money where it is prone to be taken away. All mobile payment platforms know this and have made it their concern. Mobile payment is more secure than even card payment.

A third party can make use of your card without your consent. However, this is impossible with mobile payment. Mobile payment requires the consent of the owner using an OTP. Without this OTP, it is impossible to withdraw from the e-wallet.

  • Bonus eligibility

At times, bonuses are what make online gambling worth playing. All gamblers are willing to take advantage of different bonuses. Meanwhile, online casinos at times limit bonus offers to specific payment platforms. Many of these payment platforms are mobile wallets.

Therefore, many gamblers have chosen to make use of mobile payment platforms not for many reasons. Many only want to position themselves in the right place for a bonus offer.

  • It is rewarding

Making use of e-wallets can be rewarding for casino players. Not only do they benefit from bonus offers, but they can also equally take advantage of rewards from payment platforms. This reward program is a promotional attempt by the e-wallet.

Players are given points for making transactions or depositing on the e-wallet. After extended usage, the player accumulates points that are enough to be redeemed. The player can then redeem the point to win cash or other packages.

You can also earn points when you set your mobile payment as your default payment option. Setting up a periodic payment can also earn you points. Mobile payment offers you the chance to make money while you spend your money.

  • It can take the place of conventional banking

Conventional blanking can be stressful, no doubt. The process involved in making deposits and withdrawals is unfavourable. The process as well can be slow and frustrating. All of these are advantages of mobile payment over the conventional banking system.

Not only can you gamble with your mobile wallets. You can also make simple banking transactions with it. You can transfer money to a friend or a family using the e-wallet. You can purchase goods and services from both online and physical stores. Likewise, some e-wallet can redeem gift cards into cash.

Bottom line

Mobile payments are not just prominent; there are undeniable benefits attached to their usage. Paying via phone is convenient, safe, and fast. Likewise, e-wallets position gamblers to benefit from bonuses offered by online casinos and bookmakers. You can also accumulate points that you can redeem for cash price and other prizes by paying via phone.

Equally, the increased popularity of online gambling will bring about a similar effect on mobile payments. Most online casinos are integrating different forms of e-wallets to give players the ability to choose their preferences.

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