With the change in lifestyle and rising medical expenses, health insurance has now become a necessity, especially for individuals above the age of 30. Technology, on the other hand, has made sure that purchasing an insurance policy is much simpler and hassle-free. Thus, one must buy health insurance as it helps you plan your finances in a better way (such as by using the Taylor Benefits large group health insurance iphone app). However, there are some misconceptions and myths that could ruin your whole perception regarding health insurance and what it can do for you.

With so many third parties and insurers coming up with new attractive insurance plans, you have to gather the right information from all the sources. Clearing the myths around health insurance, in general, helps you make a smart decision; therefore, find below some of the myths that should be debunked as soon as possible.

The Health Insurance Provided By Your Employer Is Sufficient

Many organizations are known to provide corporate health insurance plans for their employees based on the employee welfare initiative. Niva Bupa’s group health insurance plan gives you the option to include your elderly parents, spouse, or children by paying an extra premium. However, having a personal health cover rules out any dependency factor from employer’s part when trying to cover your medical bills.

Remember, going for health insurance from a very young age is advisable because as you age, it becomes more expensive.

Smokers Cannot Apply For Health Insurance

This is one of the biggest myths you would come across and surveys have found out that a huge population that smokes or consumes alcohol is not sure whether they could apply for insurance or not. People who smoke cigarettes or consume excessive alcohol are always at a higher health risk but, such individuals are not considered ineligible for health insurance.

As they fall under the category of high health risk, no matter what their age is, when applying for health insurance, they might have to pay a higher premium every year. They also have to undergo several investigations before they could apply for reimbursement.

People Who Are Healthy Do Not Require Any Health Insurance

Being fit should always be the aim of every individual; however, health can deteriorate anytime, and for that, one should always be prepared. Being fit and eating healthy does not shield you from accidents or any illness. Hospitalization is expensive and medical costs might start piling up, depending on doctor charges, surgery, medicine, etc.

For every individual, having health insurance is a must so that you do not run into any financial trouble while trying to get the best treatment. Go for Niva Bupa health insurance plan from an early age by consulting experts.

You Can Purchase It For An Emergency Immediately And Avail It

You can only avail of insurance during the first 30-90 days of any emergency hospitalization or accident. For pre-existing diseases, the waiting period for most health insurance plans would be 2-3 years. However, the waiting period could differ, depending on the ailment and that particular policy regulation.

Patient health insurance claim form in doctor or nurse hands for medicare coverage and medical treatment from illness, accident injury and admitted in hospital ward

When going for any health insurance, you should always share all your medical history and details with your insurer to get the maximum benefit. Providing insufficient or wrong information could lead to the rejection of the claim.

There Is A Significant Difference Between Offline And Online Insurance

As you can now purchase anything from medicines to electronics and food digitally, then why not insurance as well? Many are still going for the offline path even though the online version provides the same regulations, conditions, and premium. You get all the information readily available on the site with a secured payment gateway. Opting for online health insurance plans does not involve any agent; therefore, no commission is necessary.

For both offline and online insurance, customer care is efficient and available 24 hours, addressing quick solutions to any queries you might have. You should always read the policy thoroughly before signing anything to ensure you know what you are paying for and the benefits you will get.

Hence, these are some of the top myths that you would get to hear regarding health insurance. Make sure you do not go for the first insurance policy you come across but make a comparison by getting information from various insurers in order to make the right choice.

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