An unsecured loan is simply a loan that does not require collateral. What is the collateral, you might ask? Collateral means something pledged as payment for a loan, e.g., your car or house. Hence, a lender can’t go after your personal belongings. You must be wondering how you exactly qualify for an unsecured loan? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you!

1.  Check your credit score:

A good credit score usually begins at 670 on a FICO scale, and the more competitive lenders do not even think about lending to those who have at least 720 on the FICO scale. Lenders give huge importance to your credit score because they have no collateral to work with. Hence they need to trust the people they are lending to. This is why they look at your credit score to surmise if you’re trustworthy enough. You can check your credit score using multiple sources online, and it will help you anticipate your further moves regarding this unsecured loan.

2.  Do budget planning and decide how much to borrow:

Always keep in mind that when you pay back a loan, you have to pay interest on it, so if you borrow too much, you might end up paying interest that you didn’t even need. Opposingly, if you borrow less than you need, you might end up going to an expensive loan source when you need it last minute. This is why you should do your budget planning and decide what makes sense for you budget-wise.

3.  You should know your rights (under regulation Z):

Unfortunately, lenders can often exploit the desperation of people who want an unsecured loan, especially those who don’t have the perfect credit score. This is why you should know your rights under the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) under Regulation Z. This act is designed to protect customers while making financial transactions, and loans fall under that.

4.  Look for lenders and pick the option that suits you best:

Every lending company usually has a specialty according to its own advantages. Some are willing to give loans to people with no credit history, some are known for their fast transactions. It is absolutely imperative that you make your decision according to your own needs. Check unsecured loans websites that specialize in a certain field. Most customers look for the most competitive APRs and flexible repayment options. After that, you will need to prequalify, which is often easy in many online companies that are willing to give loans, so potential customers are more at ease.

5.  Check the details of your agreement/loan:

Once you are prequalified, it is now time for you to go through the website or the preapproval letter in full detail. You should carefully evaluate the risk-reward situation and look at the implied fees and penalties. These types of charges can end up adding more money to your loan and becoming a nuisance. You should also pay attention to the expected loan amount and loan terms.

Getting an unsecured loan can seem like a hassle and the world of the financial market often seems confusing. Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and you made the right decision!

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