While buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, one must first visit an exchange. The initial phase is to complete a sign-up and confirmation process followed by a deposit of cryptocurrency or fiat currency. It is fairly common for cryptocurrency traders, but it also carries a high amount of risk. In the previous cases, several new bitcoin exchanges were subjected to Cyberattacks or were infiltrated, resulting in the loss of money.

Places to acquire cryptocurrency without relying on a centralized exchange:

  • Coinmama: It allows customers to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies. It is possible to purchase Bitcoin first without visiting an exchange. They are a well-known participant in the cryptocurrency sector, and have been present since 2013. Anyone may trade Bitcoin from inside their site, and they select the exchangers with the best exchange values. It makes no difference where users are in the globe since their network lets users trade from anywhere.
  • Coinswitch: It provides the ability to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. It is feasible to purchase Bitcoin or Cryptos before first visiting an exchange. The concept is that they might obtain cryptocurrency from exchanges at the best possible currency value. It makes no difference where users are in the globe as their system allows anyone to operate from everywhere. Cryptocurrency investing may be performed in over 300 different coins and currencies. Data regarding transactions, market value, and supply are also accessible on their website, as with other centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinswitch charges a fee for each transaction or conversion you attempt. This is determined by the exchange users use to purchase.
  • Changelly: It is a real-time digital currency exchange that enables users to purchase Bitcoins and Bitcoin Money in exchange for Dollars and Euros. The business process looks for the greatest blockchain exchange rates and offers over 130 tokens that may be exchanged for each other. Another fascinating feature of this system is the possibility to buy Bitcoin without requiring verification. In reality, all users have to do is provide the digital signature to the local wallet. They also place the payment on their site. Changelly provides a trustworthy platform to nearly 2 million consumers globally while keeping user information private.
  • PayBis: It debuted in the crypto market in 2016, and their business is primarily focused on purchasing and selling bitcoin rapidly. If anyone wants to purchase bitcoins quickly, this site is the best bet. According to their homepage, this operation may be completed in only 15 minutes.
  • Shapeshift

In principle, it works like this:

 Set up a Bitcoin wallet. If someone doesn’t already possess one, they have two choices: software wallets or hardware wallets.

  1. Begin a new payment transaction on the PayBis system.
  2. Pay by credit card after entering the public key or Bitcoin address.
  3. Coins will be delivered to the wallet in fifteen minutes.
  • Shapeshift: This was one of the very first cryptocurrency exchange services to emerge. During the first part, the truth that they have been here for so long makes them credible. They provide superb security as well as quality service.
  • Wirex: It allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They are a well-known participant in the blockchain industry since they were among the first to provide a bitcoin bank card. There is no reason to place the trust in an exchange. To purchase or sell cryptocurrency, use their website or app, and they will select the exchangers with the best currency fluctuations. It makes no difference where users are in the globe as their system allows one to operate from anywhere. One may also swap their cryptocurrency for regular money. Presently, they accept the following conventional currencies for exchange: Euros, Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Jen, and others.


As previously said, becoming an investor in the bitcoin market entails a certain risk. However, if one can defend themselves, using sites like bitcoin market, the benefits may be quite lucrative. To be secure, buying bitcoin in this manner entails two procedures. To begin, one must get a suitable bitcoin wallet in which to store their private keys. Second, when one has established a suitable wallet, one may visit the services listed above.

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