There are several platforms where one can invest in cryptocurrencies but the platform should be genuine and can bring huge profits then only it can be called worth investing. Some of the top platforms which are suitable for investments are-

  • Coinbase-

Since one can simply invest using Dollars, Coinbase is by far the most famous and one of the finest cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can also earn interest on the Fiat currencies and token prizes by engaging in different events.

Furthermore, one will earn a $5 reward when users sign up for a Coinbase profile. Positives of Coinbase are-

  1. The most user-friendly design
  2. Investing in a wide range of tokens and coins with strong security and dependability.

It also comes with some negatives like if one doesn’t use Coinbase Pro, then the person will pay a lot of money and the user has no authority over the wallet’s private keys.

  • Voyager-

Since it was one of the earliest publicly traded platforms, Voyager is a popular place to invest in cryptocurrency.

Voyager accepts the majority of major cryptocurrencies, offers excellent customer service and involvement, and offers a reasonable rate of interest on investments.Plus, if users open a Voyager account and trade $100 in crypto, the user will get $25 in Bitcoin.

Advantages of Voyager-

  1. The app-based design is really simple to use.
  2. Trading framework with no commissions.
  3. Voyager offers attractive interest rates.

Some disadvantages related to Voyager are Slow withdrawal are possible. In New York, it is not available (yet).

  • Uphold-

Uphold provides a straightforward approach to investing numerous assets: like opening a single account and exchanging multiple investments without having to return to cash. If a person has ever traded cryptocurrency, then he or she will be aware that many currencies and tokens only exchange in specific pairs, so they are always returning to Bitcoin or Ethereum or to buy Litecoin. On the other hand, users can trade many assets at once on Uphold.

Plus, Uphold is among the few platforms that accept XRP, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of Uphold are-

  1. Pricing system that is clear and consistent.
  2. Several cryptocurrencies and even certain equities, including well-known ones like XRP, are available.
  3. Both desktop and smartphone apps are available.

It also comes with some negative points like Some of the items in this listing are more difficult to use than others. There have been several reports of unhappy customers.

  • IRA with Bitcoins-

Bitcoin IRA isn’t like others stated above. Unlike many other platforms and wallets, one has essentially trading currencies and must pay the taxes on their profits

As a result, Bitcoin IRA incorporates the best of both worlds: a crypto wallet and exchange, as well as an IRA. This means that any earnings users make within the fund are either tax-free or tax-deferred.

Advantages of IRA-

  1. Invest in cryptocurrency through one’s retirement account (IRA).
  2. Possibility of earning income on the cryptocurrency in your IRA Cons

Some of the disadvantages that come along with the perks are fees are too excessive, and supports fewer tokens and coins than the other platforms on this list.


A great way to start with cryptocurrencies. It is not so customer friendly but can get great exchanges.

Advantages of Binance-

  1. A large number of currencies and tokens are accepted.
  2. Low fees

Drawbacks, in contrast to the rest of the globe, the United States has limited options, Customer service is minimal.


The number of tokens and coins offered, the cost or compensation required, the convenience of use, the system’s safety, the customer support, are the functionality that should be examined before investing. This article provides some of the best sites to invest in cryptocurrencies and to know more users can easily visit more info here of the above-mentioned sites.

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