After purchasing your first bitsignal, it will be essential that you keep it somewhere to put it somewhere. Apart from functioning as an extremely secure digital vault, a Bitcoin wallet also functions as the app for managing your Bitcoin. You will be able to make use of the best wallets for trading between cryptos, sending and receiving Bitcoins, figuring out innovative ways for using your Bitcoin, communicating with smart contracts, plus receiving market news and updates. Here, we will mention the different factors that should be considered for selecting a Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallet types

Digital wallets for Bitcoin are available in various formats and each one of them comes with its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the simplicity of usage for security and trading. However, irrespective of the format, security is going to depend on you. It is essential to protect the passwords that allow you to access the wallets.

Bitcoin wallets are available in a couple of broad categories: Cold storage wallets and hot storage wallets.

Hot storage wallets

These types of wallets are connected directly to the web, for example, a desktop application program, a phone app, or an online provider. Hence, it is referred to as a “hot” storage wallet. The bad thing is that they also consist of some security threats since they are vulnerable to online theft being connected to the Internet directly.

However, the fact is that it is now possible for digital wallet providers and exchanges to stay away from online thefts to a great extent. As per a recent study, there has been a drop in cryptocurrency theft by as much as 57% in 2020 in spite of the increasing popularity of Bitcoins.

Nevertheless, always remember that the thieves would be targeting the digital cash present in your digital wallet similar to the wallet that you use every day.

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  • Desktop wallets – These are actually applications which operate on your PC while storing all the Bitcoins on the computer. The good thing regarding desktop wallets is that you will be able to regulate your funds on your own, and therefore, there is no problem with the intervention of any third party whatsoever. However, you are accountable for your own security, and therefore, it will be imperative for you to secure your wallet and also back it up while making certain that your computer does not get affected by malware.
  • Mobile wallets – These are actually apps operating on your smartphone for storing and regulating your Bitcoin funds. Mobile wallets can aid in making face-to-face payments as well as making quick payments with the use of QR codes. It will be imperative for you to back up your gadget just like desktop wallets for maintaining the safety of your digital cash.
  • Web wallets – These are actually browser-based wallets that you can use on desktop or mobile; however, they will not offer the same control to you, unlike the conventional mobile or desktop wallets.

Cold storage wallets

This type of wallet happens to be a compact-sized and encrypted portable wallet and you will be able to download your Bitcoin using them. The price of cold wallets can be as much as $100, and one can consider them to be more secure as compared to hot storage wallets since the cash is going to be stored offline. Thus, the name “cold” is derived from this.

The cold wallet providers consist of the following:

  • Ledger – Ledger consists of cold wallets that range from approximately $60 to$110.
  • Trezor– Compact-sized cold wallets are provided by this company that range from approximately $60 to $180.

Final words

Even though you will come across different types of wallets at present, it will not be sensible to use all of them since some of them are intended to scam the folks. It will be advisable for you not to get carried away once you come across a new wallet. On the other hand, you should make it a point to research it on Bitcoin Forum or Bitcoin Reddit for finding out more information regarding these new wallets.

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