Elon Musk is back at it. He has now pitched Dogecoin as a candidate to fulfill the position of renewable, healthy Money for the future, after increasing awareness about just the Bitcoin (BTC) program’s energy usage overall carbon footprints. Musk announced earlier this week that he talked with Dogecoin producers to figure out how to increase the currency’s efficiency. This would be consistent with Tesla’s admission statement today that it will no longer accept digital currency according to environmental protection. Instead, it prefers cash that required below 1% of Bitcoin’s energy for each transfer.

Musk went into further detail about the aims he was aiming with these new enhancements yesterday. Musk said on Twitter that the Dogecoin network should ideally reduce block durations by ten times while also expanding network topology by ten folds, with fees reducing by 3 hrs. Because it would modify basic settings that impact the Dogecoin chain’s shared ledger, the future cryptocurrency must logically constitute a hard fork of the current Dogecoin chain. Musk also suggested that minimal costs were crucial to become the “money of the World,” as he put it.

“Some metallic mines, especially gold miners, have evolved into the near-equivalent of perpetually managed nuclear waste sites. According to the Department of Energy, hard-rock mining produces more hazardous waste than any other business in the United States. The department projected the cost of cleanup metal mines to be $200 trillion last year,” according to the story.

Another piece mentioned by Cuban was released in October of last year and by Moneyweek and was headlined, “Bitcoin does waste a lot more energy — but also here is why it would be worth it.” The report lays out that most of the energy used in cloud computing is renewable, adding hydroelectric power accounts for half of the international bitcoin mining within Szechuan, China.

“Nuclear or coal-fired electricity accounts for around 5% of Southwest bitcoin mining capacity. The article claims that renewable energy accounts for 95% of the total. Furthermore, according to Coinshares’ analysis, the Bitcoin network gets 74percent of the overall renewable electricity.

What Is It If It Is Not Doge?

While there has been a lot of discussion on social media about how Musk is simply fooling around with Dogecoin (DOGE), there seem to be actual signs that he is serious about it. Since 2019, Dogecoin developers have said, and they have been in conversations with the billionaire, and that he had already even given cash assistance the project proceeds ahead. On May 12, Musk tweeted, “Tesla has banned car sales using bitcoin.” “We are worried about the significant increase in the usage of coal and oil for mining equipment & transactions, coal dust, which emits the most pollution of any fuel.”

“Digital currency is a brilliant concept in many respects, and we think it has a great future,” he said, “but it must lead to a loss of the climate.” MicroStrategy MSTR, -3.79 percent CEO Michael Saylor, the best cryptocurrency bull, said on Wednesday that he fully mediated a Sunday conversation between leading cryptocurrencies in Canada and Musk, which ended up in Musk’s Monday tweet, but that he aided to stimulate the formation of something like the Distributed Computing Council, which will “promote energy usage accountability and speed it up to environmental performance worldwide.”

It’s unclear what Musk plans to do to enhance Dogecoin, which is seen as a more ecologically friendly technology than bitcoin. However, some have recommended that the asset’s protocol be modified from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, which would be significantly less energy-intensive. Miners are chosen randomly to confirm transactions using the proof-of-stake protocol, but they must first commit a particular sum of money to the blockchain. The contest to solve the tough challenges that proof-of-work employs cuts high power and hardware costs while discouraging unlawful conduct like double network manipulation, according to crypto specialists mentioned in this site Golden Profit.


However, when the Dogecoin circuit, which started as some joke, fails to meet Musk’s goals, there is a backup plan. Due to the complexity of this experience, Musk claimed he might create a sound currency “unless Doge can’t do it.” He concluded, “Creating another one is a pain in the neck.” Nevertheless, if Dogecoin flops, there is a possibility we’ll see Musk’s own currency in the future.

Bitcoin has experienced a battering since reaching a high of 74.07 cents in May, but it is still up or more than 7,400percent year too far. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency still seems to be up 36 percent this year, reaching a high of around $65,000 in playmaker. Traditional investments, on the other hand, have received lower returns. The Nasdaq 100 DJIA, +0.35%, is ahead 12.4% year to far, the Drugs 500 index Spy, +0.32%, is up almost 12%, the Nasdaq Efficient Frontier COMP, +0.57percent of the total is up 6% so far in 2021, and spot rate GC00, +0.18% are off just under 1%.

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