Disneyland tickets offered by Costco were a total steal, but previous discounts are now unavailable to members. With Costco no longer being the go-to source for ultimate ticket deals on Disney trips, many travelers are discouraged and unsure of where to look next. The good news is that other travel organizations like Undercover Tourist and Park Savers now provide ticket prices that beat Costco’s discounts for tickets.

When Costco offered discounts on Disneyland tickets, guests had to purchase Disney packages as well as lodging and vacation tickets to receive the discount. Other things were included, like gift cards, souvenir tickets, etc. Although Costco savings may have been great at the time, now, travelers can do better using alternative organizations like Undercover Tourist. All prices offered by Costco’s discounts are beaten by $10. There are multiple extras and coupons for free that are also included.

Around 2013, Costco stopped offering tickets altogether. Now, you can get perks after you buy from alternatives. Although it’s possible Costco Disneyland tickets might return, instead of waiting for an uncertain someday, consider saving for your vacation with Park Savers’ Best Price Guarantee for the best ticket deals online.

Beat Costco Disneyland Tickets With Park Savers

If you’re interested in purchasing your 2022 tickets through alternative travel organizations like Undercover Tourist, here are four steps you’ll need to follow in order to do so successfully:

1. Decide On Your Ticket Arrangements

Do you want tickets-only options or ticket packages? Undercover Tourist provides both options, unlike Costco Disneyland tickets. Choose which arrangement makes sense for your trip. AAA also provides additional discounts. Visit the Park Savers website to explore the available AAA discounts for 2022.

2. Select Your Party Size

Indicate how many people are in your party. Tickets are divided by age as follows:

  • adults (10 years old and up)
  • children (3 years to 9 years old)
  • infants (2 years old and younger)

Information On Admission and Ticket Prices

The admission prices listed online for gate access do not consider the applied taxes and fees. Undercover Tourist prices do include these costs. Disneyland tickets are free for children under two years old. Check the Park Saver’s website for a breakdown of the 2022 ticket pricing for Undercover Tourist.

You may pay around $187-$509 depending on the parks you visit and the length of your stay. All of these prices are guaranteed to beat Costco Disneyland tickets for all packages and individual tickets, every time. To save time and money, consider adding Genie+ to your tickets to skip the lines and get to the theme park fun faster.

Ticket Savings And Suggestions

If you plan to see both theme parks, you’ll want to book a minimum of two days at Disneyland. If you want to see the entirety of the Disneyland Resort, a 3-day ticket such as the 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket is advised. There are many different shows and attractions that are constantly updated.

Give yourself enough time at Disney, so you don’t miss out on the chance to see something great like fireworks or parades. You’ll get more for your money and get an overall better value than you would with Costco Disneyland tickets. Use organizations such as Undercover Tourist to help you save.

3. Pick Your Dates

The next step is to choose your dates for your time at Disney, beginning with the initial day you’ll be there to your final day at the parks. Your search will direct you to different options for the number of days you plan to be at Disney and the prices that reflect your trip. You can choose which option you prefer based on the amount of time you’ll be there.

Different options feature their own perks, like line-skipping capability and Disney Genie+. If you are a resident of Southern California, you can get prices for the SoCal Resident Special for a three-day adventure during the week. You must show proof of your California postal code and billing address in order to access the special.

4. Purchasing Your Tickets

After selecting your tickets (broken down between 2-5 days). The totals for your tickets will appear, and you can complete the guided checkout. You may be prompted to add more theme parks to your trip. You can disregard these additional purchases by hitting the “continue” button. You may also wish to add the “Peace of Mind Plan” as an additional option for travel insurance. You will be prompted to these add-ons as you move toward the payment breakdown page.

Now that you know how to beat Costco Disneyland tickets and save on your next trip, here is some additional information about confirming your payment, using your tickets, and saving even MORE money on your Disney vacation.

Easy And Convenient Tickets

Once you’ve reviewed the details for payment, enter your payment information manually or through PayPal if preferred. Hit the “continue” button once you’re done and look your details over once more before hitting “purchase” and finalizing your tickets. You’re encouraged to review Disney gate prices as well as previous Costco Disneyland tickets to see just how much you’re saving. You deserve to feel like you’re getting the best savings possible, so follow up and prove that you’re beating Costco Disneyland tickets through these alternatives.

Once you’ve confirmed the order, you will be directed to a confirmation page and will also be notified via email of your confirmation and ticket information. You will receive your tickets through email. You can print them out or show them through your phone once you’ve arrived at the parks. These are e-tickets, so there is no need to visit a box office. Your tickets are ready to go instantly.

This process beats the fiasco of inquiring at the front desk for costco Disneyland tickets.

Using The Disney App Won’t Take Away Your Savings

You can tie your tickets to the Disneyland App, which can make planning your trip easier all around. The app includes helpful information on park services. Open the Disneyland App, click “my Tickets” and “+” in the top, righthand corner. Scan the barcodes of each ticket using your phone.

From there, list the name of the ticket owner and add them to the ticket. Repeat this process for each person in your party. If you’re looking for guidance on finding the best dining options, park directions, or features for line-skipping, make use of the Disney App throughout your trip. You can purchase your Undercover Tourists tickets and link them using the Disney App to apply your savings.

You can use the app and still save as much as possible! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy better deals than Costco Disneyland tickets if you prefer to use the Disney App.

Here Are Some More Ways To Save

To get the most out of your Undercover Tourist discounts, be aware of the seasons that offer the most savings on Disneyland tickets. You can gain even more savings than would be possible with Costco Disneyland tickets if you purchase at the right times. Depending on the time of the year, you can find exceptional promotions and discounts.

Disney’s prices also go up at the end of February, so purchase your tickets before then to save. You can also save by purchasing your tickets towards the end of Spring, preferably the last few weeks of April and into May.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

After Spring Break, Disney is less busy, prompting promotions to get more customers. Organizations like Undercover Tourist are committed to getting you a better deal on tickets than you would with Costco Disneyland tickets and discounts even during the slow seasons. You’re likely to save the most money by purchasing tickets during the slow season so that you can get both types of savings at once.

If you want to maximize your saving potential, consider working with a Disney travel agent to help you find discounts on your hotel and packages, regardless of the time of year. Your travel insurance may also come in handy for Disney trips if available to you!

Don’t Forgo Busy Seasons

The busiest seasons are seasonal breaks, the opening days of new attractions or rides, Disney’s special events, and Summer. Avoid these busy seasons for cheaper tickets and an easier time finding accommodations. If, for whatever reason, you want to book during the busy seasons, know that you’re still getting better deals than costco Disneyland tickets. You might just get the best savings during the slow seasons because Disney’s prices drop during this time.

Save More With Alternative Disney Discounts

For trip planners looking to save, know that the end to Costco Disneyland tickets is not the end for your ability to save money on your trip. Saving money using Park Savers options like Undercover Tourist can save you more than costco Disneyland tickets and discounts. You don’t even need to purchase Disney packages to get these savings. In terms of savings, it’s kind of a good thing that your options changed, huh?

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