In a time when many different types of entertainment are starting to converge, inspiration for new types of people-pleasers can come from almost anywhere.

We’ve seen games like Tomb Raider become big-budget movies, and film franchises like Jurassic Park generating a whole raft of five-star rated video games. Occasionally, it’ll be a throwaway news story that gets optioned by a studio and then has a big-name screenwriter and director assigned to it.

In recent years, a whole new world of cross-media promotion has sprung up, driven by the huge popularity of bingo online UK [valid where legal] sites where the latest generation of players is learning to love the game. It’s not just bingo that’s on offer; there are also slots games, and a combination of the bingo and slots — games that go by the name of slingo.

With so many players on the search for novelty and innovation, inspiration comes from a number of sources, including some of the most popular TV shows of recent years.

For example, for bingo fans, there is a version of the long-running Deal or No Deal. Sadly, it’s no longer on our screens but this classic tea-time show lives on and thrives in the format of online casino. Those of us who can remember the original will look back fondly on the game in which the contestant is faced by 22 red boxes. These contained a range of prizes from 1p up to £250,000 prizes with the idea of the game to track down the box containing the biggest prize – something 9 people did while the UK show was on air.

It’s easy to see the similarities between this and bingo, where numbers are gradually revealed and offer the chance of a range of different prizes. That’s one of the reasons why Deal or No Deal and online bingo were a perfect match.

While, for all of its tension, Deal or No Live was always essentially about a random guess at what numbers each box contained, our next example features a TV show that is a real test of knowledge.

The “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” game is one of the most popular slots of all, offering all the drama and tension that being in the spotlight and being asked questions by Chris Tarrant or, more recently, Jeremy Clarkson involves. It keeps a number of features of the TV show including lifelines that players can use to multiply their winnings. Unfortunately, however, there are no opportunities to phone a friend!

Our final example is a slot that shows just how eclectic the inspiration can be. Rick and Morty itself started out as a short movie inspired by the 1985 classic, Back to the Future. Now in its fifth season, and commissioned for several more, the anarchic cartoon makes for an action-packed game that appeals to a very different demographic than Deal or No Deal or Millionaire.

So it all goes to show that the devisers of bingo games and slots really are an inventive and imaginative group of people – who knows where they’ll be turning to for their next slice of inspiration!

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