The very first hint would be to buy a powerful gadget. Most major smartphone vendors have exclusive series of the top gaming gadgets. For example, Xiaomi has a subsidiary brand Black Shark, that gives a good experience in heavy games. The only problem is the price. The top models can be found in the catalog at least for $1000. Fair deal, though. It is expensive for a random game enjoyer.

But the average gamer has never been a luxury consumer. Just look at the most popular applications in Google Play. You can’t find a lot of big hits there. Also, Android itself is a greedy system. Five years ago, 4 cores and 2 GB of RAM with a modest graphic accelerator was enough for all the relative hits. Today these are the minimum requirements for the biggest blockbusters of modern times.

Our first tip – be careful with so-called accelerators. Some of them are really useful, but you should trust only the official markets. Unfortunately, there are plenty of phishing sites that can give you fake software. In the best case, it will spam all of your applications with annoying advertisements. In the worst case, you will have a complex pack of new viruses and other malware.

The actual gaming tips for a smartphone must concentrate on these aspects:

  • enhancing of graphic experience;
  • optimization of the disk space;
  • lesser consumption of battery power;
  • enhancing gameplay possibilities.

The biggest issue in these achievements is smartphone composition. All the modern gadgets are made as a monolith. You can’t upgrade the mobile platform, even with unofficial ways. Also, all the warranty tickets annihilate when the gamers are trying to replace the parts from the plant.

And here we have tips for a better experience and more time for fun. Every mobile casino online [valid where legal] is adapted to a lot of players. The phone must be ready too.

Gaming Mode Applications

Notifications are real pain during gaming. Moreover, every popular piece of software gives a lot of annoying sounds and text floating fields. They can interrupt a rough boss fight or just spoil a gaming experience. Gaming Mode started its functions on the PC. It is a helpful  tool for weak and old desktops. The principle is simple: this software is shutting down all the unnecessary system processes. Of course, you can do the stuff manually. But the program is more convenient and allows you to do the same thing with a few clicks.

Mobile applications on Android can’t be closed automatically in many cases. Facebook and Facebook Messenger are running even with the lack of disk space. And these utilities are slow and buggy. It’s better to play without their presence in the tray.

Google Play Games Becomes a Hub Organizer

Of course, it doesn’t have all the functions of Steam or GOG. But the Google Play Games app reveals a lot of usability. It has tabs that can be named freely. Also, the new leaderboards in your actual games are the best stimulus for the intensification of activity. But the best feature is synchronization with a new device. The gamer doesn’t need to tweak games each time from the very beginning. Google Play Games app even has a streaming function!

Built-In Do Not Disturb Mode

Almost the same thing as the Gaming Mode, but it heavily concentrates on notification settings. The gadget interrupts all running applications. Every smartphone is a phone primarily and must manage calls. The “flight mode” in every gadget is not quite the same. Do Not Disturb makes exactly the needed function. No one will interrupt your intensive game session.

Game Settings Tweaking

You almost can’t manage the power of a mobile GPU. And there are a lot of reasons for it. First of all, the graphic core of every smartphone obviously has only a passive cooling system. In another case, any more effective solution can’t be placed in the case. Mobile GPUs have evolved through the last years but still don’t compare with desktop PCs.

At the same time, many gaming hits, like PUBG, came from Steam to Android. Obviously, many tweaking settings are still there, and you can adapt the HUD of the game, gamma, controls, and aim sharpness to your needs. Some screens also need a proper ratio for a joyful match.

A Third-Party Outer Controller

Look at the DualShock from Playstation. Even the old examples demonstrate the possibilities of an actual gamepad. The majority of multiplatform action games are made with a standard scheme:

  • two sticks;
  • the D-pad (or the buttons of direction) at the left side;
  • the Start and Select buttons (optionally);
  • two bumpers;
  • two triggers;
  • four functional buttons for some actions. There are two mainstream schemes: XYAB for Xbox and X, triangle, square, circle for Playstation. Other companies are mimicking the successful patterns.

It is the basic set. Modern consoles have additional controls, touchscreens, etc. But the visible issue with smartphones is the lack of physical buttons. A touchscreen is a comfort for card games, sudoku, and graphic quests. Though, it is awful for shooters and action RPGs. That’s why we have outer controllers for a smartphone.

Nintendo Switch shows the proper way to organize a gamepad with a portable device. It is separated by the body of the gadget into two parts with sticks and buttons. All the popular outer controllers are copying the formula of this dock station. The issue is about power consumption, which raises drastically too.

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