Since its establishment in the mid-1990s, online casinos have grown significantly. Just last 2020, around 64% of gamblers were driven to play casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette online due to the coronavirus lockdowns while the land-based casino industry is declining in various parts of the world.

But does that mean web casinos are better than brick-and-mortar ones? Both types of casinos have their edges and drawbacks. So, let’s examine how the two compare in terms of the following factors:

  1. Atmosphere

Land-Based Casino: 

Land-based casinos may have been affected by web casinos in some form or another. But there are still a lot of individuals who are more interested in having their night out at the casino.

Brick-and-mortar casinos have left a great mark on the world and will remain significant in the minds of players who prefer having a more tactile experience with their favorite casino games.

Indeed, there’s something special about being in a casino-themed environment. Some individuals like being surrounded by crowds and enjoy the flashy lights and loud noises inside the casino.

What makes them even more alluring is the fact that each casino architecture and interior is unique and have their own theme. Any person that fancy gambling should, at least once, experience the glitz and glamor atmosphere and buzz that a land-based casino has to offer.

The only problem with this is when a few individuals get addicted that they find themselves wanting for more and unable to leave the casino’s premises. It can also be quite an inconvenience for people who had to travel far just to play their favorite game at the casino.

Online Casino:  

Conversely, playing casinos on the web like 12joker [valid where legal] offers a different ambiance. Depending on where a person decides to play, it is commonly more tranquil.

There are no flashing lights, no table service, no excessive noise, and zero human interaction. However, that doesn’t make web casinos boring because web designers creatively recreate the app to appear more realistic to induce the best possible experience for online players. It is convenient and can be accessed by gamblers anytime, anywhere.

  1. Security

Land-Based Casino: 

Back when the mafia ran brick-and-mortar casinos, players used to fear their safety. Many individuals have concerns about bringing tons of money to land-based platforms. That is despite the security measures implemented by establishments.

Players in casinos usually enter the premises with thousands of cash and leave empty-handed. Meanwhile, some can get lucky and head home from the casino with tons of cash that is more than what they bet for.

Whichever case becomes the result of one’s visit to their local casino, gamblers are often reminded to play at their own risk and be mindful of their belongings.

Online Casino:  

In contrast, those who play casinos online must ensure that the website or app they’re using is not a scam. To simply put, it must be safe, legal, and doesn’t host any type of online phishing schemes, malware, or any other types of scams.

While hackers pose a threat to web casinos’ safety together with their patrons, the best defense system coupled with monitoring on the website and on the users’ activities and routine updates can often counter these threats.

Moreover, since this type of casino is online, payments are generally done virtually too. From cryptocurrency to using payment method software, there’s a lesser chance of theft and misplacing a user’s money or wallet.

  1. Experience

Land-Based Casino: 

Between the stylish tables, the extravagant displays, crowds of revelers, and tons of slot machines; brick-and-mortar casinos deliver memorable experiences. Not all land-based casinos provide the same services though.

Some establishments succeed through worthy hotel services, while others are more committed to offering grand casino offerings. Either way, being at a local casino offers an extraordinary experience to dine and especially cherish gambling games.

Online Casino:  

Virtual casinos have a contrasting character. They entail playing while you revel in the solitude.

Some users aren’t actually keen on social interaction. They would rather be in their own comfort zone, enjoying their favorite casino games.

It can also be highly convenient for individuals who live far from their local casino but wish to play or gamble. Not only does it help them save gas money, but it allows them to manage their time better as well since it’s easier for them to leave the virtual premises from their devices.

  1. Gaming Options

Land-Based Casino: 

Slot machines and table games are the usual scenery inside a brick-and-mortar casino. The only hurdle is that such games can only accommodate a limited number of players, meaning some casino goers will have to wait for their turn. Nevertheless, gaming is still worth it in a physical casino.

Online Casino:  

Not only do virtual casinos offer hundreds of games, but they also make it very easy to choose games to play. Games are categorized in a number of ways. You can select from table games, slot machines, blackjack, to live dealer games.

If you wish to be more accurate, you can use the search icon to pick specific games. If you’re unsure of what games to play, web casinos also enable you to go for new selections, popular games or pick titles according to their software providers.

  1. Rewards

Land-Based Casino: 

Physical casinos are known for offering huge prices that are worthy enough for a gambler to take a long trip just to bet for the reward.

Online Casino:  

Virtual casinos also offer huge jackpots that gamers often don’t expect. What’s more, internet gambling enables contenders to play multiple games at once. This increases the user’s chance to win and accumulate more cash prizes.

During scenarios where many gamers are playing all at once, there’s a quick buildup of the jackpot as well; a case that is common for both land-based and online casinos.

  1. Promotions Offered

Land-Based Casino: 

Promotions in brick-and-mortar casinos can generally accommodate a generous space for more diverse and bigger promotions. The more selections are presented to gamers, the longer they will stay.

However, while this might be effective in attracting more casino goers, it also drives costs on the part of the higher management. Therefore, gamblers may not gain that big of a return from partaking in the casino’s promos.

Online Casino:  

Online casinos also offer an abundance of promotions. Bonuses such as free spins including watching ads to acquire additional chances of winning or coins can be incorporated easily into virtual casino games. Also called the free bet, most web casinos offer free money that doesn’t require deposits during the initial games played by first-timers.

This is in addition to the regular promotions offered in playing casinos online given to attract customers as well as to increase the jackpot. Such promotions are typically in the form of credits and free money. Virtual casinos even offer cash for friend referrals, which is inapplicable and not common for land-based casinos.

  1. VIP Treatment

Land-Based Casino: 

VIP members are typically more interested in land-based casinos because they get to experience first-hand the special treatment from prestigious members of their preferred casino. VIP treatments in brick-and-mortar casinos often consist of world-class accommodation to attractive resorts, complimentary drinks, private hotels, and expensive suits. Apart from that, VIPs have assigned staff ready to assist and accompany them whenever they need.

Online Casino:  

With regards to what is being offered to VIP members, each online gambling site may vary. Virtual casinos do not offer exclusive access to high-class amenities or complimentary drinks. Instead, gamers are offered a membership to a VIP club, where points are collected depending on how frequently players play and take part in promos along with availing of online casino services and features.

The more VIP members engage in playing, the quicker they rank up in the virtual casino’s VIP exclusive club. Some of the exclusive features offered to VIP club members include terms and conditions that cater to distinctive member preferences, special bonuses, and cashback. Likewise, special draws are included as part of the VIP membership.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, there is room for both land-based casinos and online casinos. While the industries may typically be in competition with one another, when it comes to the casino-goers who enjoy the perks of both, these two types of casinos do not have to compete.

You can relish the exciting environment and ambiance in the flesh by visiting your local brick-and-mortar casino for special nights out and still play online games at other times.

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