Most games you can play a multitude of ways, on your computer, your phone or even live while on the go. However, when it comes to playing on your phone or tablet, some options offer a simpler gameplay that adapts perfectly no matter which type of device you’re using.

Here are some of the games to look for next time you login to your favorite Jackpot city NZ [valid where legal] app or website.


At the top of the list are slot games, which are so easy to play that you need literally zero experience with them. All you need to do is select the game you want to play, choose how many pay lines and hit the button to spin the reels. There are no complicated rules to learn and you can start and stop playing any time you want.


Blackjack is super popular for several reasons. Not only is it one of the most fun games you can play, but it also has the lowest house edge and therefore gives you amazing opportunities to win. When done correctly, you can practically erase the house edge and have about a 50% chance of winning each round.

Additionally, mobile blackjack is perfect for playing on the go because the hands go very quickly. Unlike the next game on this list which may take longer to play but is still one of the most popular mobile casino games of all time.

Free Poker or Casino Poker

When it comes to poker tournaments it’s best to leave those for when you have enough time and a dedicated are so you can focus. For mobile playing, free poker or the fast and simple casino games of poker such as Caribbean Stud and Joker Poker are much better options.

For obvious reasons free poker can be played at any time. Since you aren’t really risking any money in the first place, you don’t need to be as hyper-focused as if you had a monetary stake in the game.

Tournaments are true games of skill where you compete against highly experienced opponents. It requires your full attention, and you should avoid playing in situations where you can be easily distracted. Such as might occur when you’re on your phone, in public or in a more social setting.


Players who can’t get enough of mobile baccarat can rest assured that they are making a good choice. Baccarat is excellent because it’s another game that moves fairly quickly and offers comparably “safe” betting compared to riskier options like certain roulette bets.

In baccarat, you have one of two (good) betting options, and a third, not so great option. The first two are the banker and the player hands, which both give you almost 50% chances of winning. And the third is the tie bet, which has a house edge that rivals most slot games. Which as you might have suspected don’t offer the greatest odds of winning out of all your options.

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