Have you heard who the richest team in football is? Chances are that if you don’t live under a rock then you would have. Newcastle United have taken that title after the club was bought out by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia who have some £320 billion in available cash to use on their new toy.

Naturally, they won’t come close to using anywhere near all of that and it is thought that they will only need about £1 billion to become genuine title contenders in England and Europe. Comparatively speaking, that is a drop in the ocean for the Saudis and we should all begin getting into the brace position as English football is set to be turned upside down once again. Or is it?

Newcastle, you see, are currently in the relegation places in the Premier League and if the season ended right now, they would be relegated to the second tier of English football. Goodness, what a story that would be, the richest team in football subjected to playing in the minor leagues despite having more money than most governments do.

Naturally, however, the season doesn’t end today and Newcastle will have 30 games to try and accumulate the points they need to avoid this fate. It will be far from easy, though, and their deep pockets won’t necessarily benefit them this season by getting the club out of trouble when you consider that January is a notoriously difficult time to buy players. Basically, history tells us that most January additions battle to hit the ground running after failing to adapt to their new environments straight away. So, in this sense, you can picture a scenario where Newcastle continue to fight a relegation battle throughout the remainder of the season. In fact, the very latest Premier League betting odds [valid where legal] back that up with the Toon priced at just 9/4 to go down next spring.

To put it into other words, Newcastle may not be aided by their financial support this season to the degree that they had hoped and do stand a reasonably good chance of being relegated.

If this were to happen, it would be a landmark day for the whole of the football world given that it would suggest that success can’t always be bought. It would be a welcome relief after the Abu Dhabi royal family, in effect, bought Manchester City in 2008 and have been hoovering up all the trophies on offer ever since, including the 2020/2021 Premier League title.

This method of success has turned a lot of football fans off the game and, in many ways, it does paint a rather grim picture with regards to how to achieve success in England’s top-flight. Realistically, it no longer has much to do with nurturing and coaching but rather getting out the chequebook and buying your way to the top.

This is why we need to see a change in the wind which will hopefully lead to a change in tack. Indeed, the football world needs one of these state-owned clubs to get relegated so that the focus can go back onto building a legacy in a more admirable way.

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