Twitter has always been the most precise and direct source of information, regardless of the topic and the person tweeting it. With millions of people using Twitter, it has become the ultimate platform to advertise and use as a business strategy. For these reasons, many businesses have embedded Twitter feeds on their business websites.

How does embedding a Twitter feed help a business? Of course, it increases consumer engagement. Customers can see real-time updates and social proof with just a Twitter feed. It can help gain trust because it gives customers a sense of transparency. 

Moreover, it improves a website’s search rankings. With proper SEO and more site visitors, it will bring more traffic to a website – and, therefore, improve business sales. The same goes with a deposit casino website. 

If you need more players to register and play with your casino site, you can get the help of a Twitter feed. A simple free tool can help you embed Twitter feeds to your casino website. Here are 7 tools you must try:

1. Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget is a great tool for embedding Twitter feeds. Whether you are running a 1 dollar deposit casino or the usual minimum deposit casino website, it will surely need that extra boost from a Twitter feed. When embedding the Twitter feed, you can choose four different options for your website: Favorite, User Timeline, Searches, and List.

The option Favourite will only embed tweets from a favourite user, List is for public list tweets you follow, and the Search option displays customized search results. Bottom line, it will show your Twitter feed and tweets related to your website. 

2. Tagembed

Tagembed will make your website vibrant and attractive. To embed the widget, simply copy the code and paste it on your website’s HTML editor. You can choose which part of the website you want it to appear, and it will automatically be displayed on your site. 

What’s great about the widget is that it is highly customizable. Tagembed allows you to remove unwanted content that is unrelated to your casino site. Plus, you can change the layout by choosing a wide selection of templates. 

Change the look according to your casino’s style by designing it with the appropriate font style and size, colour, background, and many more. Lastly, you can check the Twitter feed’s performance with its great analytics. 

3. Everwall

Everall is easy to install with just a copy and paste method of the code to the HTML editor. Similarly, it can also filter out unwanted or spammy feeds to keep your website looking clean and relatable. It has a real-time Twitter feed and even collects information with hashtags and mentions. 

Additionally, it helps you learn about your site visitors’ data and interests with its smart tracker. With this widget, you don’t need advanced coding skills or the need to hire a developer. 

4. Tagboard

Tagboard is a tool that helps you embed a Twitter feed to your deposit casino website. If you are creating a 1 dollar deposit casino [valid where legal] website, what better way to make it inviting than displaying a custom Twitter feed. It has several personalized features that you can curate according to your customer’s personality.

Plus, you can remove irrelevant feed to make it relatable to your business’ content. Even better – it has a powerful analytics tool that keeps track of your Twitter feed’s performance, so you can improve how it’s running when needed. 

5. Juicer

Juicer is a great social media tool that gathers Twitter feeds via hashtags, mentions, and handles. It can also block unwanted content or a specific Twitter user to keep your website with top-notch quality content. Your website will look attractive and full of information since you can embed text and visual-based Twitter content. 

Take your casino website on a whole other level with Juicer and its amazing conversion features and the traffic it brings. 

6. Taggbox

Taggbox is one of the best Twitter aggregator tools in the market. If you need better social proof for your customers, try out Taggbox and play around with its customizing features. It’s a surefire way to gain your customer’s trust and increase your sales. 

Not only does it display your feed, but it’s also a great tool to announce events and digital signage to increase social engagement. Its platform works well with any device; whether you’re using a mobile phone or laptop, it easily adjusts the layout. Moreover, it comes with an analytics report so you can see the performance of your Twitter feed.

7. LiveWall

LiveWall helps you embed a Twitter feed containing videos and images. It will collect your business’ information online via location, hashtags, and mentions that will help provide social proof and engagement. Plus, you can analyze statistics through the widget’s analytics feature. Thus, it can help you make necessary changes to improve the performance if needed. 

Once embedded on your website, it will automatically show on any device such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Final Words 

There is always an option for business owners who are testing the waters to not spend a ton of money on advertising and social engagement. Start with simple tweaks on your website first, or you might end up paying a loan if you splurged on them. For the most part, it will be trial and error until you find the right Twitter feed content that performs well. 

Not all businesses are the same, so you’ll need to test out the different features and make some serious personalization to make your website get the traffic you want. Plus, don’t forget to check specific laws and regulations of the country you want to run a casino website. For instance, casinos may be legal in Canada, but companies are not allowed to operate an online casino. 

Generally, although you can play online in Canada, the Criminal Code in Canada still defines gambling as illegal unless there are specific exceptions. It may be complex, but it’s best to do your research on laws before you can add certain tools to amp up your casino website.

Conrad Brennan is a professor in management studies who is now a specialist in sports betting and online casinos. Learn about his expertise in his profile.

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