Weddings are a momentous occasion that can be incredibly special not only to the lucky couple but also to the guests. Weddings are events that deserve to be remembered for the many years to come. A celebration of love that deserves to be immortalized in photos and in memories. And what better way to make sure that your wedding is not easily forgotten than a themed wedding.

Picking a theme for your wedding can be tricky and, in some cases, frustrating. While going the classic route is a safe and timeless choice, if you want a wedding that’ll stand out, it might not be your best bet. But what if you and your wife- or husband-to-be are a bunch of nerds and kids at heart? Why not take your special interests to the next level and celebrate the things that bring you together as a couple?

That’s right—celebrate not only your love for your spouse but your love for your geeky special interests with your own geek-themed wedding! From cosplay weddings to Lord of the Rings-inspired forest weddings, themed weddings are a guaranteed hit for both the celebrants and the guests. So let your inner fan shine through and try some of these fun ideas and tips when planning the perfect themed wedding.

Decide on a theme and commit to it

Are you and your spouse-to-be fans of Star Wars? Or do you often obsess over Harry Potter? Maybe even some obscure television show or movie no one’s even heard about. Whatever the case, find something that you and your fiance both love with all your hearts and commit to that theme. That means that everything about the wedding—from the decor and the clothes to the music and even the invitations—have to be tied together by that theme.

If you and your fiance love Harry Potter, decorate the venue to look like the Great Hall of Hogwarts, complete with floating candelabras, vintage furniture, and smoking cauldrons. If you are more of a Disney fan, pick a favorite movie (maybe a romantic one such as Tangled) and make it work.

Everything from the decor to the food has to look like one cohesive whole, so you really have to commit to a theme early on. Bonus points if it has gotten a fun story behind it, like maybe it is how you two met or what drew you to each other. Weddings are all about stories, so why not tell yours?

Do not be afraid to try some fun gimmicks

You decided on this theme—now stick to it.

Play the Star Wars Imperial March when the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle or serve fantastical food such as Harry Potter’s butterbeer and every-flavor-beans. Have wacky and epic photo shoots in a Marvel-themed wedding. Get matching Disney engagement rings. Ask all your guests to show up in cosplay or in suits and dresses inspired by your favorite anime characters.

You can also personalize your vows to sound like the One Ring speech from Lord of the Rings. And if you’re not afraid to go there, you can even reference the infamous Red Wedding and play the Rains of Castamere.

Remember that this is something you love and treasure. Why not flaunt it? It does not have to look like a Comic-Con convention in there, so long as you stick to your chosen theme and keep it as fun as possible. It is a good way to make your wedding truly unforgettable and keep your guests entertained, especially if they’re secretly just as nerdy as you.

Dress up

Half the pleasure of going to a wedding (at least for the women) is seeing the dress the bride will be wearing. Why not change it up a bit and go with something nobody will expect?

Coordinate with your fiance and dress up as your favorite fictional couple. You can even bring the bridesmaids and the groomsmen in as well and coordinate their gowns and suits with yours. Go all out and actually cosplay as your favorite characters, with the wigs and makeup and everything. Dress up like your favorite Disney prince and princess, like power couple Han Solo and Princess Leia, or like Aragorn and Arwen for that ethereal, fantasy look. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Just as with all things, like marriage and wedding themes, do not be afraid of the commitment. Embrace it and celebrate what makes you and your marriage genuinely unique.

Meta title: Make Your Wedding Geeky and Unique with These Fun Ideas
meta desc: Break out of the mold of classic, boring wedding themes with these fun tips and ideas for geeks, nerds, and kids at heart. Read on to learn more.

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